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The Winds of Dawn clan newsletters are written by our Clan Reporter, Anaeka.

Below is the newsletter you selected:


The Winds of Dawn Irregular Newsletter

Volume 01 - Issue 07
1. Editor's Welcome
2. Member News
3. Items of Interest
4. Apprentices R Us
5. Trading Post
6. Thoughts of an Official
7. Final Words

1. Editor's Welcome
Welcome everyone, to the Seventh Issue of the "Whispers of the Breeze".

We've had a few ups and downs in the clan, as well as people leaving,
people staying, and people coming back.

In all, it's been an interesting time for the clan, and I hope that we
eventually come out of it stronger.

Also included, are my thoughts on my position as Clan Reporter.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this issue, and give what I write some thought.

TerraHawk [WoD Reporter and Editor of "WotB"].

2. Member News
We are sorry to see the following members leave the clan :

Arteress Lai (Lilly)

Welcome to the following members :


And a HUGE Welcome Back to Mehan!

The current WoD membership roster stands at 25 members, and as far as I
still know, TerraHawk is the only exile in WoD who has a clicker form
Australia (Althus, you don't count, you're just holidaying :-).

It would be interesting to see what kind of geographical breakdown we
have in terms of where each clan-member's clicker is living.

So, send me an e-mail with your clicker's Real World location, and I'll
compile a list and put it in the next newsletter.

3. Items of Interest
About the only thing of interest that I can think of is that TerraHawk
can now solo a Bolok.

Of course, if other critters get in the way, then I quickly fall over

4. Apprentices R. Us
This is a new section in the Newsletter, in which any Clan Officers
seeking help or apprentices can advertise.

There is only one position being sought for at the moment : Apprentice
Newsletter Editor.

I have only had one application for this position.  I would prefer to
have more applications, but if I don't get any more soon, then the
default applicant will gain the position.

5. Trading Post
This is another new section where members can advertised for items they
either want to sell, or items they are looking to buy.

If you have something to sell, or are looking for something, then
contact me on one of the addresses below, and I'll put it in the next

(If you do find the item you are seeking, or have sold the item in
question, then let me know ASAP).

Who knows, if this becomes popular, I might make it a regular clan
letter on it's own.

However, I plead with people to be honest here, and to honour all deals,
whether items are up for barter, or a straight sale involving coinage.

TerraHawk has the following items on offer :

Short Sword - Make me a (decent) offer (something above 30 coins).

6. Thoughts of an Official
We have had a couple of people quit their positions as Clan Officials

This prompted me to think about my position, and how I feel about

Please understand that this is to give an insight on my thoughts and
opinions, and not as any official announcements for the clan.

My position as Clan Reporter seems to me to be a thankless task. Now,
I'm not saying people don't appreciate hearing the occasional bit of
news, but that there are things that could be done to help me with my

As Clan Reporter, my job is to write the newsletter.  Unfortunately, I
don't get out as much as I used to, and some of my sources have dried
up, hence I am unable to relate the recent happenings in the lands.

It is somewhat discouraging that many times I have requested information
from my fellow clan-mates, or possible story ideas, and have had little

I know people have contributed in the past, and I am grateful for that,
but it kind of dwindled off after a while.

I know it is partly my fault, as there was a time when my clicker was
going through a bad phase (hence a delay in  he newsletters), but, it
did start a little before then too, when the clan was smaller, as I was
finding it harder and harder to put out a newsletter that came out at
regular intervals with enough content to keep people interested.

Now that the clan has grown, I had hoped that maybe people could
contribute to the newsletter.

There are many things people could do, and I'll outline some suggestions

* Scroll of Interest : Not everyone knows everything about the lands
(OOC : except maybe Delta Tao or Gurgi :-), so maybe people could
nominate what their favourite Clan Lord scroll is (or are if you have
more than one), and a brief review of that scroll.  Then these could
eventually be compiled into a list and placed on the WoD scroll (Yes, I
know we have a Random Scroll list, but maybe we can enhance it

* Items of Interest : This section has been in the newsletter since it
started, and it's not just something for me to write about.  It's for
everyone to contribute to.  If you have found something interesting in
your travels through the lands that you think other clan members might
enjoy, then submit your report to me, and I'll include it in the next

* Trading Post : A new section that could become it's own publication. 
I know I'm not the only one who has items for sale or trade.  This is
the place where you can hawk your wares for a gold or two, or maybe for
something you may find useful.  It also doesn't have to be just items
for sale.  You can also put in advertisement fro your trade (baking,
tailor, brewer).  Also, if you are looking to buy something, you can
also submit an ad, in the hopes that someone in the clan has the item
you are looking for, or knows someone who has the item.

* Articles : Have something you want to say that won't fit easily into a
message on the forum?  Why not write it up as an article and submit it
tot he newsletter?  What?  You don't feel confident enough in your
writing?  Well, I can help you!  The more articles I get, the wider
pooling of ideas and resources the clan has.  And it's a chance to get
your views across to the rest of the clan in an uncluttered format.  If
you want a discussion to ensue from your article, you can always ask for
comments to be directed to the Clan Forum.

* Exile Interviews :  I have previously done some interviews of exiles
from outside the clans.  Is there an exile you would like to see
interviewed?  Then why not approach them for an interview and submit it
to the newsletter?  You can check out the back-issues of newsletters on
the Clan Scroll to see the sorts of questions you might want to ask. 
but also try to ask some original questions too. Or maybe you could post
in the "Private Clan Discussion" forum that you intend to interview a
particular exile, and ask the clan to contribute some questions.

* Election Speeches : When a Clan Official Position is up for grabs, and
there is more than one contender, then maybe the contenders could write
a small speech on what they hope to achieve if they win the position.

I am sure there are more ideas out there.

I view the newsletter as being more as a resource for the Clan, by the
Clan, and not just something for me to ramble away on random thoughts
and bore you all to tears.

I want to enhance the newsletter, and In can only do that with your help
and co-operation.

Don't get me wrong, I like writing, which is why I took this job, but I
don't have a limitless number of ideas for articles, and eventually, the
newsletter will come down to a stock-standard format of Member News, and
that's all.  And if that ever happens, then I will feel that it is my
duty to step down as Clan Reporter.

Either that, or I'll start putting in jokes in all of the newsletters,
and bad ones at that! (I've got an unlimited supply in my jokes folder
from my enchanted e-mail, and most of them clean jokes too :-).

But I want the newsletter to be more than just Member News (and bad
jokes).  I want it to be an ever-changing, ever-growing, living thing,
which everyone in the clan can participate in and enjoy.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on my position as Clan Reporter.

7. Final Words
Thank you all for taking the time to read the newsletter (and I hope you
weren't bored to tears by my minor rant).

If you wish to comment on any articles, please feel free to do so on the
Clan Forum.

Feedback is always appreciated, article submissions are always welcome

May the wind always be behind your back, speeding you along your

Good hunting!

TerraHawk & HWC TH.
Reporter for WoD and Editor of "Whispers of the Breeze"

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The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
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