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The Winds of Dawn clan encourages all members to be involved in clan projects. As a result, there are many clan offices that exist to organize clan endeavors rather than a centralized leader of the clan. If you are a clan member and are interested in an unoccupied office, you should let the Clan Secretary know of your interest in that office. If you are interested in an office that is already occupied, you may want to talk to the officer and see if they could use your help as an apprentice.

Clan officers provide valuable leadership to the clan. If you are a clan officer and can't be present for something you should be there for, you should try to get someone to fill in for you. If you will be gone for an extended time, you should try to get someone else in the clan to temporarily take over your responsibilites. If you can't effectively perform your officer duties or are no longer interested in holding your office, you should notify the Clan Secretary you are stepping down so that other members may express interest in filling your office.


Office Currently Held By: Wheatstone

The ambassador coordinates Winds of Dawn interactions with other clans such as group hunts, special events (like Dun'ilsar), etc.

Clan Clown

Office Not Currently Filled

The clan clown is responsible for coming up with fun and silly things for the clan to do and say, as well as anything else they feel is appropriate to their role.

Clan Hunt Coordinator

Office Not Currently Filled

The clan hunt coordinator organizes clan hunts and works with the clan ambassador and welcomer as necessary to invite other clans or new exiles to the hunts.


Office Currently Held By: Althus

The Librarian is in charge of distributing necessary information to clan members, including but not limited to a weekly informational talk at meetings. Members can come to the Librarian with any questions relating to current events, the way things work, etc. Other responsibilities include wearing big glasses, and yelling at noisy people to shut their mouths.


Office Currently Held By: Himitsu

The investigator looks into Puddleby mysteries and strange phenomena, and coordinates clan involvement in solving these mysteries.

Membership Coordinator

Office Currently Held By: Poesy

The membership coordinator the process of new member joining. The membership coordinator talks to potential members about the clan and introduce them to the rest of the clan. They should also talk to new members or write up information for them explaining the basic stuff every new member should know.


Office Not Currently Filled

The Clan reporter's role is a varied one,which includes but is not limited to:

  • producing a newsletter to keep members informed of events
  • making announcements on behalf of other clan members
  • writing the occasional article on behalf of the clan for Fishwrap magazine
  • passing on the happenings and results of various events to the librarian/historian
  • reporting to the clan anything that might be of interest to the clan


Office Currently Held By: GrayGradi

The secretary organizes clan meetings, maintains and distributes meeting notes, coordinates clan votes.


Office Currently Held By: Kiriel D'Sol

The clan scrollmistress manages the clan scrolls and coordinates with other officers as appropriate for updates and improvements to the clan scrolls.


Office Currently Held By: Delirium

The treasurer is responsible for organization and disposition of clan funds. This includes collection of clan fund donations, creation of policies on distribution of the fund, tracking clan money, etc.


Office Currently Held By: Farhope

New exiles can be reported to the welcomer, and they should try to keep an eye out for them as well. The Welcomer is encouraged to invite new exiles to clan events where they'd be appropriate participants, as well as coordinating with the treasurer for funding donations to new exiles and introducing new exiles to the clan. They also organize new exile oriented hunts.

The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
Corrections, questions, etc. regarding these scrolls should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol.