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The Winds of Dawn clan newsletters are written by our Clan Reporter, Anaeka.

Below is the newsletter you selected:


The Winds of Dawn Bi-Zodiac Newsletter

Volume 01 - Issue 04
1. Editor's Welcome
2. Member News
3. Items of Interest
4. An Interview With Callia
5. Farhope's Foraging
6. Interesting Happenings In Puddleby
7. Miscellaneous Items
8. Final Words

1. Editor's Welcome
Welcome everyone, to the Fourth Issue of the "Whispers of the Breeze".

I apologise for the lateness of this newsletter, as I have been a bit
busy of late with various [ooc] emergencies.

This is a rather slim newsletter, and if it wasn't for the Interview I
did, there wouldn't be that much in here.

So I ask the following of all you Winds of Dawn members :

* If you have someone you would like to see interviewed, please let me
* If anything interesting or funny happens to you, or see something of
   interest or humourous, or you see or find something you haven't seen
   before, then send it to me to include in the newsletter.
* All article submissions are welcome.  Even if you don't think you can
   write, you can submit ideas for articles, or you can request my help
   writing them.
* Get those Member Profiles in!  After all the interest shown on the
   forum, the only person who submitted a profile was Konoko.  Write
   profiles, and let your fellow members learn more about you.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this issue.  As well as the usual stuff,
we have an interview with Callia, and some reports from Farhope, as well
as a little information from her on a game she is planning for us all.

TerraHawk [WoD Reporter and Editor of "WotB"].

2. Member News
Sargon is still missing.  Whereabouts are unknown.  Hope everything is
well with him, and that we'll see him soon.

Lerris and Rincewind have expressed interest in joining the clan.  If
you have not introduced yourself to them yet, then do so when you next
see them clanning.'

I'm sorry if I missed anyone, or if anyone passed any tests I'm not
aware of.

[Ed. This is why if something happens to you such as passing a test, you
should send it in to me :-).  Also, if someone expresses interest in
joining the clan, let me know by enchanted mail.  I can't remember
everything that gets posted to the scrolls or the forum].

3. Items of Interest
As we all know, there was a Chaos Storm last zodiac.  Some big changes
occurred, and what follows is a list of what did change (compiled from
many sources - both OOC and IC changes listed) :

 From Delta Tao :

* We crashed on 5/9. Fist time in 28 days. The record is 100 days. The
   gerbil whose trick it is to create new clans had an accident. We
   we have trained this gerbil to not piddle on the carpet any more.
* Many gerbils have been retrained to make the world better when you
   connect to the world and when things bump into each other. We hope
   will be no problems. Please forgive the cute furry things if there
   They are doing the best they can.
* We have added a random time element to when raw karma is  awarded.
* Puddleby Town Hall has hired a new clerk.

Other changes :

* Mystic Pub is open
* Hut in Town in front of Advanced Library is burned down.  The hut was
   where a female dwarf was collecting money and materials to expand the
   tunnels underneath town.
* Potter and BottleMaker hut next to the Fighter's Hall in North
   You can buy a bottle from there, fill it with water (or other
   and then dump the water on the ground.
* Alchemy Lab is open.  There is some sort of quest involved, and you
   make potions.  But, the Lab doesn't know how to make any potions
   you show them one of the type you want to make first.  So far, all
   that's been shown is Red Potions.
* New area called "The Valley of the Sasquatch".  It is east of Trool
   PF needed to enter, has some new creatures and some large value skins
   [Ed. perhaps we should go hunting there one day as a clan].
* Some characters had Ethereal Plane Portal stones after the updates.
   Using the stones created a direct portal to the Ethereal Plane.
   Apparently, this was a glitch, and has been now fixed.
* It seems that maybe if your pack is full, and an NPC attempts to give
   something (like a stuffed head for completing a hunting quest), it
   sent to the new clerk in Town Hall, where you can pick it up at a
   stage when you have a less full pack.

Seems like that's all people found.

The Sylvan Outpost in SF Hospital is still closed for building.

4. An Interview With Callia
My Thanks to Callia for being allowed to be interviewed.  Some sections
edited out or re-arranged for clarity.

[Setting : Inside the Huus' house]

TerraHawk says, "Ok, well, first, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed
for the WoD newsletter"
Callia says, "the pleasure is mine :)"
TerraHawk asks, "May I ask you a bit about your breakdown. What the
reason was for your coming to Puddleby?"
Callia says, " be honest, it's rather embarrassing..."
Callia says, "I um.. lead a rather wild youth.."
TerraHawk says, "if you don't want to answer, that's okay. Don't feel
Callia says, "apparently.. I didn't live up to the moral standards of
the Community I found myself in"
Callia says, "that's the basics.  I think for now we'll leave the
specifics shrouded in the past :)"
Callia says, "next question :)"
TerraHawk asks, "What were your first thoughts and impressions of
Puddleby and it's people?"
Callia says, "well... it was odd to see so many different races all
jostling shoulders so benignly.  It's also rather backwards here... I
mean... mud streets?  And the rats!  Even with all the stray cats,
there's still a horrible rat population"
Callia says, "it was certainly a disappointment, in someway.  In others,
it was a chance for freedom.  For a while :)"
Callia says, "unfortunately, there's bureaucracy here as well as in the
TerraHawk asks, "Why did you become a Mystic?"
(Callia laughs)
Callia says, "well.. first off, I'm NOT a Mystic.  I'm just a student.
Someday, I might BECOME a mystic"
TerraHawk says, "But you're training to be one"
Callia says, "yes"
Callia says, "it seemed the appropriate path for me"
Callia says, "it's not for everyone.  Most don't have the patience"
Callia says, "I suppose I wanted to learn the hidden secrets of the
world, and this seemed like the best approach, given what was available"
TerraHawk says, "We know Mystics (or students) like yourself can locate
exiles, others can boost abilities, and others can tune sunstones. 
Apart from locating exiles, is there anything else you can do?"
Callia says, "well, location is my primary skill.  It's what I study
most avidly."
Callia says, "When I was an apprentice, I studied the Staff of Ballou. 
I have some basic competency at that.."
TerraHawk asks, "what does that do?"
Callia says, "it is a tool which can be used to increase your perception
of your own balance.  That is, it can make you more aware of your
balance, and so... you act with more precision, for a short while :) 
Some excel at it.  I only know the basics"
Callia says, "for a short time, I can increase yours, or.. so it would
seen to you, although that's not what I really do :)"
Callia says, "I have a couple of other skills as well :)"
TerraHawk asks, "Such as?"
Callia says, "I am one of those fortunate enough to have had a chance to
study with Se'el Magine"
TerraHawk asks, "And he teaches...?"
Callia says, "Se'el Magine only teaches Mystics now... but... for a
short time, before many had progressed that far, he taught apprentices,
or .. those who'd progressed beyond a certain point anyway"
Callia says, "the subject he teaches is how to see through the illusions
which various magicians use to cloak their ... strongholds, such as the
clouds surrounding the island of Dal'Noth or the Paths in the various
Orga encampments"
TerraHawk says, "But now he only teaches full mystics"
(Callia nods)
Callia says, "yep"
Callia says, "so.. only Mystics, and a few others such as myself, have
that skill"
TerraHawk asks, "When you first came to Puddleby, it must have seemed
strange and confusing. Who helped you get orientated and showed you the
Callia says, "probably Ananna and Spit were the greatest help in the
Callia says, "although.. much of what an apprentice does .. must be done
Callia says, "Aurora de Gama helped me too"
Callia says, "Cygnus, and Wisher.."
TerraHawk asks, "Who would you count as your friends in Puddleby today?"
TerraHawk says, "People you can always rely on when you need help - that
kind of thing"
Callia asks, "hm.. today?"
Callia says, "well, my work has me meeting a lot of people :)"
Callia says, "I generally get along with them...Axell for one.  I work
very closely with her when she's in the lands, which isn't often enough,
sad to say."
(Callia shrugs)
Callia says, "Zwei, although again, she isn't in the lands nearly often
enough.  Odesseus, Behr, Forey, Neige, Marfisa."
Callia says, "depending on the day.. I might add in Malkor and Sutai :)"
Callia says, "Oh, and Manx :)"
Callia says, "I could go on and on.. but.. those are the ones I trust
the most :)"
Callia says, "Oh.. Natas too, and .. probably even Gurgi, though.. I'd
have to get his attention first :)"
TerraHawk asks, "Why is it you have never joined a clan?"
Callia says, "hmm... that's a complicated question.  A clan is a ... a
big deal... It's not something I take as lightly as some.  I also don't
pursue clan membership.. so.."
Callia says, "I do consider offers that are made to me.. but..."
(Callia shrugs)
Callia says, "lets see... long ago... Sir West tried to get me to join
the Red Quill... Odesseus often tries to get me to join the Rising Claw,
and both you and Kiriel have suggested that I consider the Winds of Dawn
Callia says, "As to why I haven't joined ... hm... dunno, nothing has
ever felt quite right I guess"
Callia says, "Being in a clan would have advantages certainly.. but.. it
would have disadvantages too.  It would narrow my focus somewhat. I'm
not sure if that's a good thing or not.  It might be, if it meant I
could further my interests in some of the deeper mysteries of the
lands.. but.. it could also detract from my work, which would bother me"
TerraHawk asks, "Is it foreseeable that you may join a clan in the
Callia says, "it's always possible.. I guess I'd need a clan who
understood who I was, and what I plan to do, an was willing to work with
me on those issues"
TerraHawk asks, "Do you hunt often?"
Callia says, "no.. not too often :)"
Callia says, "if I DO head out of town... Which I don't do too often,
it's to work on some large project, or participate in some rescue. You
see, it's the nature of my profession (and me in particular) to be
rather frail.  I'm clumsy with weapons... and even if I do hit
something.. I generally don't learn much from it.  So.. no, I don't hunt
much.  It's not really something I enjoy. My training isn't really
focused on aiding fighters, like some... Sutai for instance"
TerraHawk asks, "Do you have any hobbies?"
Callia says, "hmm.. well, I have a couple :)"
Callia says, "ahh.. one of them is something I'm forbidden by the
Council to discuss though, sorry :)"
Callia says, "I also (such as my rather small pack will allow...) work
on my wardrobe :)"
Callia says, "I also teach, although that isn't really so much a hobby"
TerraHawk asks, "But no baking, sewing, brewing...and the like?"
Callia says, "no, not as of yet, although, my fashion hobby may well
require me to study sewing.  I'll have to try to find room for a sewing
kit... My primary job takes up a lot of my time :)"
Callia says, "I suppose I might take up the Rod of Akea, or the Orb of
Caseindre as hobbies... but.. there's so much to learn"
TerraHawk asks, "And what do they do?"
Callia says, "the Rod of Akea, is similar to the Staff of Ballou, except
that it effects your perceptions of your accuracy rather than your
balance.  Fighters seem to like it"
Callia says, "the Orb is a tool used to scan an area for life.  It can
be used to scan for creatures, animals and monsters and other hostiles..
or exiles.  It can be used to scan near, as in the snell you're in, or
far, as in a snell you might wish to enter.  I think that would about
cover hobbies :)"
TerraHawk asks, "You spend a lot of time in town. Any reason for it, or
just a convenient place?"
Callia says, "I'm less likely to spend my time staring at the sky there
TerraHawk asks, "Would you care to elaborate?"
Callia says, "well, as I say, I'm quite frail.  Unless I have an escort
I trust... I generally don't wander the woods much"
TerraHawk says, "For a moment I thought you might be talking about
something similar that Luminary is doing in studying the stars and
Callia says, "Well.. the Constellations are certainly interesting.
There's a great deal to study there, but... I tend to study psychology
more.. and socialology"
TerraHawk asks, "So, is there anyone special in your life at the moment,
or has opportunity yet to knock on your heart?"
(Callia laughs)
Callia says, "there's no one special no :)"
Callia says, "not at the moment :)"
Callia says, "most of the most interesting prospects are taken :)"
TerraHawk asks, "Any final words of wisdom you want to impart to the
folks in Winds of Dawn?"
Callia says, "Be careful, and tell a mystic where you're going :)"
Callia says, "Well.. an known locator anyway :)"
Callia says, "not all mystics do that"
Callia says, "hmm.. oh yes.. "be nice" :)"
TerraHawk says, "OK, well, thanks for your time"
Callia says, "Not at all, thank you for considering me a worthy


5. Farhope's Foraging
Farhope sent me the following items :

-- New exile hunt, day 2 of Winter, 542 (ooc: May 17, 2001)

New exiles: Emily, Righ Badenoch and Tuttle [more info on our new exiles
Help from: Delirium

You already know Righ (he was present at different hunts); Emily is a
human female, she wants to become a mystic; Tuttle is a dwarf fighter.

Very few questions from them (how can I help a wannabe mystic? :-)

Hunt in the catacombs: tricky in the small passages.
It was very funny, thanks to Delirium for the support.

-- New exile hunt, day 23 of Winter, 542 (ooc: May 22, 2001)

New exiles: Art, J'dy, Protagoras, Righ Badenoch, Wind
Help from: Cyradis and GrayGradi

You already know Righ (He likes our hunt I think :-) and Protagoras (no,
you don't know him? well, he is a male thoom healer and already in the
Clan of the Purple Tor); Art has not disclosed his race, is male, is an
exile, and is already in a clan: Open Hands. Wind is a sylvan fighter
and J'dy is a cousin to J'nder and J'jh, like them, she is a human
female healer.

No question from them (I think that none was really "new" exile, but 1

Hunt difficult for me as I don't like lead usually and Wind was very
enthusiast (aka was regularly going south or north or east... well
difficult to follow without losing the group). I succeeded in losing
J'dy and then Art :-(

We were first in the south forest, then the brambles, then back south
forest, a little north forest to finish in north west forest (not really
a NEW exile hunt, more a first exile hunt). Thanks to GrayGradi and
Cyradis, it was never a disaster (even if Gray had to use his chain at
least 2 times). Protagoras was nice to have along and Righ always a good


Hunt with the HoT and friends on the Devil's island, day 15 of Winter,
542 (ooc: May 20, 2001)

WoD: Delirium, Farhope, Goric, GrayGradi, Kiriel D'Sol, Nuvali, Tater
HoT: Aethelred, Athala, Drenn, Fist of Fluff, Jinx, Karkras, Luna,
Thalion, Zeus
Friends: Lex, Rincewind, Trymon, Wystii

What a big group! yes 20 people! But thanks to the leadership of
Aethelred it was a success.

We went into the McBolies caverns and we explored a little inside the
fence of the Volcoons. I enjoyed this hunt/exploration a lot:

Keys of the success:

Leadership: Aethelred was a good leader. We only had a problem in the
caverns where Aethelred had to go back to bring to us some lost people.
And we lost Zeus a little due to his enthusiasm (I like this word :-).

Good fighter power: individualities like Fist of Fluff, Karkras, Kiri or
Nuvali but also the cohesion and wise moves (usually) of the group of
less powerful fighters.

Excellent healer support: we never had a member of the hunt too fallen
for our healers. Cheers for our healers!

Success with the pathfinders ways, but deception for Athala and
Aethelred who felt a little useless with the hidden path (even if the
Marsh hermit doesn't want to train them more) as they had difficulties
to open them. Big satisfaction for me as it was possible for me to open
them. But why? I don't understand why it was possible for me and not for
them... does that mean that the pathfinders have a "skill cycle"? ...

And last, but not least, mystics! No successful hunt without mystics :-)
Citation from Rincewind [speaking about the voolcons]: "this race have
no hope, they even whiff mystics!".

Thank you all!



I am preparing a game (an IC game) for you, my clanmates.
This game will be named the "whispering winds".

The idea is very simple: I will give you a secret word and the name of
an exile, you will have to find her/him and whisper the secret word to
him/her. This exile (one of the "whispering winds") will whisper you
back another secret word and another name... until the last "whispering
wind" will whisper you the last secret word and my name. You will have
to find me back and whisper me the "winning" secret word.

The trick is that the exiles are not at the same time out the library,
and that you have to "whisper" to them (so, no sunstone use for that).

I will give you more details when I will be ready... be prepared :-)



[Ed.  I know I'll be looking forward to the game Farhope :-) ]

6. Interesting Happenings In Puddleby
Darshak Invasion Mini-Report :

There was another Darshak Invasion.  This time, they brought along soem
fo their dogs.  That's right, we had Darshak mutts attacking people in

Also, if you wish to see a report on the new Valley east of Trool Town,
you can read up on it on Koric's Journal at

You'll have to scroll down a bit to see the relevant entry, which is
marked as "23 Winter 542 (22 May '01)

[Ed. you may have to go into the archives if you are reading this at a
time later than it was written].


If anyone knows or has seen anything of interest happen to themselves or
others, in or around Puddleby, then let me know and I will include it in
the next Newsletter.

7.  Miscellaneous Items
Don't forget to nominate your favorite exile for the next Sunstone
Drawing at

8. Final Words
And so, we reach the end of another Issue, where invasions were
thwarted, and information was imparted by various means, and new areas
were discovered by those wandering around without a clue as to how they
got there.

I want to thank Farhope her contribution.

I hope you enjoyed our fourth issue.

If you wish to comment on any articles, please feel free to do so on the
clan forum.

Feedback is always appreciated, article submissions are always welcome,
and remember, may the wind be behind your back always.

Good hunting!

TerraHawk & HWC TH.
Reporter for WoD and Editor of "Whispers of the Breeze"

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