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The Winds of Dawn clan newsletters are written by our Clan Reporter, Anaeka.

Below is the newsletter you selected:


The Winds of Dawn Bi-Zodiac Newsletter

Issue 01 - Volume 02
1. Editor's Welcome
2. Member News
3. Items of Interest
4. An Interview With Coriakin
5. Interesting Happenings In Puddleby
6. A Report on the FootHills
7. Member Profile
8. Miscellaneous Items
9. Final Words

1. Editor's Welcome
Welcome everyone, to the Second Issue of the "Whispers of the Breeze".

First off, let me apologise for not being out of the library much in the
last zodiac.  My dreams of another dimension have been getting stronger
of late, resulting in my not being able to tear myself away from my
studies of this other dimension.

Secondly, I apologise for the confusion I caused regarding the Member
Profiles, which resulted from the incident where I lost my axe and
shield to a thief.

I suffered such a major blow to my self-confidence with the thief
incident that I started second-guessing myself.

I don't want to go into details, as I already have done so on the forum,
and I am not trying to make any excuses.  I just want people to realise
that I was in a bad state, and apologise for any confusion I may have

In any case, as you can see from the contents above, we have some
interesting things in this issue, including an interview with our
favourite Bard, Coriakin, and a report from Kiriel on the FootHills.

It is also a long newsletter, so make sure you set aside some time to
read it thoroughly.

As well, we start the "Member Profiles" this issue, and I couldn't ask
anyone to be the guinea pig for this, so we start with myself. That way,
people can prepare their profiles based on what they see what I have
included for myself in this issue.  You do not have to provide a Member
Profile if you do not wish to do so.  This is an entirely voluntary
decision on your part.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

TerraHawk [WoD Reporter and Editor of "WotB"].

2. Member News
A sad day dawns as Arteress Lai, better known amongst us all as Lilly,
has decided to return to the mainland.  She will be missed by all, and
we all hope that she will come back some time to visit her friends in
the clan, and in Puddleby.

Good luck, Lilly.

On a happier note, Delirium has decided she wants to join in the clan,
so if you see Delirium around then introduce yourself, and make her feel

3. Items of Interest
As we all know, there was a Chaos Storm last zodiac.  Apparently not
many things changed, but what follows is a list of what did change
(compiled from many sources - both OOC and IC changes listed) :

* /useitem left will use the item in your left hand.
* There is a new trainer that trains to recover teeth in north east
* There are new jersey people outside the badlands, but it costs 20c to
   rent a jersey.
* The sparing dummies are back in the fighter barracks.
* The image for stairs going up has been changed (for example, the
   that go up from the fighter library.)
* When you ruin fur, a coin icon appears that tells you how much you
   have made if you hadn't ruined the skin.

The Sylvan Outpost in SF Hospital is still closed for building.

4. An Interview With Coriakin
Here is the complete transcript, pretty much unedited.  This was
conducted on 2001/04/09.

[The Scene : South Forest Hospital]

TerraHawk says, "Okay, this is an official interview for the WoD
Coriakin says, "Happy ta oblige :)"
TerraHawk says, "First, tell me a bit about yourself"
Coriakin says, "Well, I was born on an' island off the east coast o' the
mainland.  At the age o' 7, I was kidnapped by some Darshak raiders. 
Instead o' killin' me, they forced me ta work as a servant. I worked
aboard a ship, the Indenture, for about 5 years.  About 4 years ago, it
put in to the Ash Island docks, an' I managed ta escape.  Rowed over ta
puddleby, and started a new life.  Right now, I'm tryin' ta help me
fellow exiles any way I can.  Whether by healin', or makin' their lives
happier with music"
TerraHawk says, "Why did you decide to become a healer. What appealed to
you about it the most"
Coriakin says, "Er, I'd seen enough violence with the Darshak, and I'm
reluctant ta cause any more.  Also, I like helpin' people out :)"
TerraHawk asks, "Why decide to become a Bard?"
Coriakin says, "Er...How could I not become a bard?"
(Coriakin winks)
Coriakin says, "If there's anythin' I love more than healin', it be
playin' music.  I was always fascinated with music, from the days when
me mother sang lullabies ta me.  "Music is My Mistress," as I like ta
say. :)"
TerraHawk asks, "What was the most difficult part on the path to
becoming a full Bard?"
Coriakin says, "Hmm....Without a doubt, it was findin' an instrument.
It's been over 4 years now, and I've still yet ta get a harp"
TerraHawk asks, "Do you think you'll ever find a harp?"
Coriakin says, "I hope so. :)  Maz, the Bard Crafter, told Hendrux ta
give me his personal vibra ta play, so it isn't that big a deal,
anymore.  But I'd still love ta have one."
Coriakin says, "Actually...If I ever did find some antlers, I'd probably
give 'em to a quester. :)"
TerraHawk asks, "What is your most favourite song in your collection?"
Coriakin says, ""Favorite?""
Coriakin says, "Ah, that would haveta be "g""
(Coriakin plays a "g" chord)
Coriakin says, "Actually...I'm not sure.  Depends what mood I'm in.
Probably my two best are "Chance Meeting" and "Journey's End". Although
there be something about all me songs that I like.  "Hunt with Kiriel"
is my 'hyper' song. :)"
TerraHawk says, "Why did you write "Hunt with Kiriel?""
Coriakin says, "Oh, er, that was written after my first, no, second hunt
with Kiriel D'Sol.  It was probably the funnest hunt I had gone on in
quite a while.  Mostly I had been on 'Noth, which be not much fun. 
'Least, not to a healer.  Anyway, I was feelin' really happy, and
suddenly had an idea for an accompaniment.  After that, the melody just
came naturally. :)  And, er, it got written pretty quickly, after that."
TerraHawk asks, "Obviously, you enjoy hunting with Kiriel D'Sol. Are
there any other people you enjoy hunting with?"
(Coriakin smiles)
Coriakin says, "Aye.  You. :)"
Coriakin says, "Er..."
(TerraHawk chuckles)
(Coriakin blinks)
Coriakin says, "Lots o' people.  Anyone who doesn't take huntin' too
seriously :)"
TerraHawk asks, "Why did you join the "Brotherhood of Independants"?"
Coriakin says, "Well...I had wanted ta join BOI for a long time.  It was
filled with strong, honorable exiles.  O' course, I had no business
bein' in such a respected group o' people. ;)  I was very naive and
weak, but for some reason they let me in."
(Coriakin shrugs)
Coriakin says, "Since then, I've been tryin' ta show them it wasn't a
mistake.  But recently..."
4/19/01 6:03:03p (Coriakin sighs)
Coriakin says, "The BOI's been havin' some problems recently.  Or at
least, I have.  I don't know many o' the new exiles in my clan...
Somethin's just wrong."
(Coriakin sighs)
Coriakin says, "Ah, well. Whatever."
TerraHawk asks, "So, there's a possibility you might leave BoI then?"
(Coriakin blinks)
Coriakin says, "'Tis possible, at least.  I wonder if it be the right
(Coriakin shrugs)
Coriakin says, "Time will tell."
TerraHawk asks, "So, what are some of your favourite hunting places?"
Coriakin says, "Er, anywhere I can hide behind Kiri. ;)"
(Coriakin grins)
Coriakin says, "Um, Fire island, south forest... The bards' field. :)"
(TerraHawk chuckles)
TerraHawk asks, "Any critters that truly frighten you?"
Coriakin says, "Ebon scorps.  Scare the pants right off me."
TerraHawk asks, "Why?"
Coriakin says, "Er, on me an' Kiri's first hunt on Fire Island, we
managed to both fall rather ungracefully to an ebon scorp.  The same
ebon scorp"
(Coriakin chuckles)
Coriakin says, "So from now on I'm stayin' away from 'em. :)  Oh, and
those killer bushes. Don't like 'em one bit"
TerraHawk asks, "Killer Bushes?"
Coriakin says, "Er, Bloodthorns"
TerraHawk says, "ahhh"
Coriakin says, "I sorta fell ta one today. :)  Well, it trapped me, and
a buncha other stuff finished me off."
TerraHawk asks, "So, how is it you managed to escape being snapped up by
(Coriakin shrugs)
Coriakin says, "S'funny.  I've never even been offered a consultin'
(Coriakin shrugs)
Coriakin says, "Also, I don't really want ta be "one'a the the thooms". 
I hope Para doesn't feel any animosity ta me or somethin'. Then again,
we were singin' the blues together in town, the other day, so I guess he
doesn't. :)"
TerraHawk asks, "If there is one exile from each profession that you
look up to, who is it, and why?"
Coriakin says, "Er, Mystic: Aki, 'cause I don't know the slightest bit
about 'im. :)  I guess that's a good sign, fer a mystic. :)"
Coriakin says, "Healer: Axell, I guess, 'cause she's always rescuin'
people, or so I hear."
TerraHawk says, "that she is"
Coriakin says, "Fighter: Marcus Antonius. Although gone now from this
realm, he guided me to the path I have followed.  An' he rescued me
plenty o' times when I was just a BOI applicant. ;)"
Coriakin ponders, "I miss Marcus."
(Coriakin sighs)
Coriakin says, "Bard: Rakshasa.  'Cause he's got incredible songs, fer
being as young as he is. :)  Oh, and especially for "Fog o' War" :)"
TerraHawk says, "That is a really great song"
(Coriakin grins)
Coriakin says, "Aye. not only is it a good song, on it's own, it's funny
as, er, fallin' ta a rat.  As funny as GURGI fallin' ta a rat :)"
TerraHawk says, "I fell to rats once -w as gojng through North Puddleby
when a rat spawn happened - 20 rats swarmed around me and I fell..."
(Coriakin chuckles)
Coriakin says, "WoD should have a list o' spectacular falls :)"
"Isn't there a fallin' tournament or somethin'?"
TerraHawk says, "No idea"
(Coriakin shrugs)
(Coriakin chuckles)
TerraHawk says, "well, I can't really think of anything else now. If i
have any more questions I'll let you know"
Coriakin says, "Oh, I'd like ta send a personal thanks out to Kiriel and
Sephorus, who managed to replace my worn sunstone in 2 days. :)"
TerraHawk says, "Thanks for your time"
(Coriakin smiles)
Coriakin says, "My pleasure.  Thanks fer taakin' an interest"

5. Interesting Happenings In Puddleby
The followng things happened to Farhope :

This zodiac, I had some fun in guiding 2 exiles.
But, this time, it was not "new exiles tour".

Cloud, day 60 of Summer, 541 [ooc: 17 April 2001]. More info:

Adua, day 63 of Summer, 541 [ooc: 17 April 2001]. More info:

It was funny as they are both nice, and, both time, I feeled being the
"newbie" and the "guide" :-)

As usually I was lucky this zodiac (I am sure that halflings are lucky
:-): I found my first cacao pod:


For a while (and I am unsure if it is still there), there was an
entrance to the Old Myrm Hive Queen's Chamber in West Puddleby.

If anyone knows or has seen anything of interest happen to themselves or
others, in or around Puddleby, then let me know and I will include it in
the next Newsletter.

6. A Report on the FootHills
What follows is a report from Kiriel D'Sol on the FootHills.

I didn't include any photos because I already created a section in our
photo gallery with pictures at:

Foothills Survival Adventure:

We departed from the Bones snell of the snagglewood, probably about 50
exiles or so on Saturday. There was a previous successful run to the
foothills Friday night, so there were many exiles already in the
foothills waiting for us, some of which were fallen in the passes hoping
we could make it to attempt a rescue, a few of which made a run to join
the attempt.

Winds of Dawn had three members in attendance- Sargon, Tater and me,
making the Foothills raid technically a clan hunt :) I was the
designated chainer and took any and all folks who were unable to
concentrate on the raid but were planning to join. It was a little
tricky since folks periodically would trip over them and accidentally
heal them, but we managed to get them back on the chain whenever that
happened. At the beginning it was just Tarfette and Algernon, but over
the course of the raid the collection kept growing, to the point that I
had 8 exiles on the chain by the time we made it past the Dread Passage,
including Mervine, who had succumbed to some kind of spell, singing
about bottles of beer on the wall, and generally driving folks nuts.

Twice during the Dread Passage portion of the raid folks were teleported
to Orga Village by zealots and expeditions were made to bring them back
to join us in the safe cave. During one of those OV expeditions a group
of death vermine spawned in the cave. Since there were only a few of us
left, and I the only fighter standing and awake, I dropped my chain to
help fight the death vermine off of the healers, and Haze luckily woke
up and was able to help. Soon the group returned and we were able to
make progress. The way through the Dread Passage is long and hard, and
fraught with difficulty, but luckily we were able to make it through to
the other side this time, my first time.

Once we made it through the passage, we ran through many snells until we
got to the foothills safe cave, at which point I was finally able to lay
down my chain so that the fallens could be raised. There were quite a
few of us there and it was quite a joyous occasion. After we healed up,
we decided to go into the passes to rescue those from the Friday raid
who were fallen. This turned out to be harder than I expected- we
entered a snell with about 50 night wendies, and a large group of us
were fallen almost immediately. Luckily we still had enough strong folks
and good chainers to help, and we were all up reasonably quickly.
Midnight wendies are pretty tricky- they hit quite hard (probably about
as hard as a TG) and throw pebbles, and they usually were in large
numbers. The trick seemed to be to have one very strong healer to run
the bulk of them around while someone else lured one off at a time to be
killed. We got pretty good at it after a while and were able to navigate
the passes to rescue our fallen friends.

After the rescues were over, we broke off into hunting and exploration
groups and spent quite a bit of time in the passes. There were many
complaints about an increase in difficulty with midnight wendecka and
decrease in experience gained. I wasn't complaining though, since I
could hit them reasonably well and vanquished them consistently. We
weren't getting as good skins as they were last time, but I still made a
good solid amount of coins while I was there, seeing frequent skins in
the 40-60c range (although I personally never got more than 17c from my
skins). I only saw one large midnight wendecka the entire time I was
there- he was very difficult but we were able to take him down.

On Sunday a large group left, including Tater and Sargon, and from there
things started to go downhill. It was difficult to find a time to wake
up for exploring and hunting that folks would be around for. The passes
are very dangerous and not a place to hunt without at least 8 or so
strong exiles. We tried to do some exploring but it was difficult with
such small groups. Orga hatreds frequently hung out by the foothills
safe cave, making traversing the area difficult, and Algernon was sued
back to town, reducing our Horus skills to the point that Bubbles was
unhealable with those present. At one point while traversing the area I
was trapped in a rock slide. Luckily Dandelion was able to raise me, but
I was still stuck underneath the rock, unable to dig myself out. Digging
through rocks is very difficult without a shovel, and our group only had
two. Luckily Gurgi came and was able to dig me out. It was quite an
unpleasant experience. There is an uli patch outside the safe cave and
at one point I found an uli, which was nice because the healers really
did need to replenish their potions.

I had originally planned on staying till the Wednesday full moon, but I
realized I wouldn't be able to participate much because of my schedule,
and the bulk of the rest of the group was planning to leave Tuesday
afternoon. So sadly I chose to leave with the group instead of staying-
I hope those who stay will find something useful but I don't expect it.
We were able to run to orga village and then out to the orga camp
without losing anyone so luckily the adventure ended without a depart
and I was able to join my friends back in Puddleby, and at last go sleep
in the library.

Kiriel D'Sol

7. Member Profile
In this Issue, we take a look at TerraHawk.

Name                   : TerraHawk
Race                   : Sylvan
Sex                    : Male
Profession             : Fighter - no sub-professions yet.
Circle                 : Second
Addressed as           : Master
Approx Number of Ranks : 300+
Currently Training     : Darkus
Current Training Goal  : To be able to solo a Bolok Cougar

Rank Breakdown (approximate) :
      Atkus   :  50
      Swengus : 100+
      Evus    : 100+
      Histia  :   5+
      Detha   :  70+
      Balthus :  50+ (all from Swengus)
      Regia   :  50+ (all from Swengus)
      Darkus  :  10+
      Troilus :  20+
      Sylvan  :   1
      Skea    :   1
      PF      :  12 or 13 (enough to get into NWF)

Favourite Places to Hunt :
      South Forest (Mostly Solo), sometimes NWF, any place Kiriel likes
to hunt, Clan Hunts, New Exile Hunts (I like to help out on those,
especially when it comes to cleaning out the Queen's CHamber in the Myrm
hives), and lastly, any place that will gain me either ranks or coinage.

Current Financial State :
      1500+ coins

Favourite Weapon :
      Axe.  I only get two and 3/4 swings with it, but I like the amount
of damage it does.  I guess if I train more Darkus, I may switch to
Short Sword.

Most oft-used items when hunting :
      Axe and Shield for fighting (usually solo, but also when in a
survival situation with a large number of the hunting party fallen).
Purse and Shield for running.  Dagger or Club for tagging if in large
groups.  Orga Eye for health regen, and Sunstone for sending messages
(usually distress calls :-).

Other items in inventory :
      Blue Cloak, Cloth Bracers (don't have the training for them,
bought off another exile), four pieces of metal that belong to the clan,
some items form April Foolishness (Blue Bauble, Water Bottle,
Hankerchief (unused :-)), a Red Healing Potion,

Future Goals :
      At this stage, unknown.  I'm toying with becoming a weapons
collector, aiming for trying to get at least 1 type of every weapon that
is available (yes, I know the Ethereal Sword disappears after a while, I
won't be trying for that one :-).  It's an idea I'm toying with, so I'm
not sure if I'll go through with it.
      Also, I'd like to get some Loovma training, more Skea, possibly
train some in teeth/mandible removal, and some more troilus, as well as
learning to speak several languages, including my own race's :-)
      Oh, and I'd like to pass the Third Circle test at some stage :-)

Training Style :
      Well, I'm not really training to be a brick.  I think that will
come a little later.  What I'm looking for is to train to be a
solo-hunter int he sense of hit hard and run fast.  Pity there isn't a
trainer that can teach you to run faster :-)

Latest Interests :
      I really don't have any at the moment.

Best Friends outside the clan :
      Ummm, many and varied.  Coriakin has been a wonderful person to
talk to, be with, and hunt with.  Axell is a great healer, and always
comes to my rescue if she can :-)  There are really too many to name.

Who helped you get Familiar with Puddleby :
      Mostly Winds of Dawn members.  Hawkthorn, Raldin, Thuja, and
Raiine provided em with advice, and many others helped me along the way.
 And I owe thanks to Prue for showing me how to find the various safe
areas in South Forest.

Anyone Special in your Life? :

Are you related to SoloHawk? :
      I have only seen SoloHawk once, and that was briefly.  I do not
know of him personally, and he may be form a distant branch of my family
(maybe a distant cousin).  I really must talk with him at one stage and
find out.

Do you think you'll ever see your family again? :
      I hope so.

The History of TerraHawk

I am a male Sylvan.  I was born to a family that raises hunting birds
for the Nobles of the Empire.  Many human nobles came to our village
from far and wide to visit my father and buy his birds, especially the
hawks that we were named after.

Yes, each member of the family appends the Hawk name after a name is
chosen for them by their parents when they are born.

The art of training the birds is passed down from father to son.

I have 2 sisters and a younger brother.  I also have many cousins, and
many members of the family going to my great great grandfather are still

Training the birds is only the first part of our lives.  When i had
learnt the craft, and had found my life-mate, then I would have taken
the whole business from my father, and he would have moved onto the next
step of his life.

That step is not known until the time comes.  My grandfather, for
example, was guided to become a herbalist.  My great grandfather,
adviser to many human nobles.  Each member of the family is guided
differently, but life-mates usually end up doing things that compliment
each other, thus allowing them to stay together.

I once asked my great-grandmother how this worked, and she just said
that it was guided by the magic of the heart.

I was six months into my training, when my father was visited by a
noble.  He was, well, skittish, you could say.  His eyes shifted
constantly to and from everyone of us.  I think maybe he didn't like
Sylvans much, but he knew that we bred the best hunting birds.

Two days before, my father and I had managed to catch a beautiful red
hawk, with grey and white stripes on it's wing-tips.  We had seen it
hunting, and had decided to catch it as we were sure it would breed some
beautiful, and swift, offspring when we mated him.  We had been
discussing how best we would accomplish this, whilst we put it in it's

In any case, this hawk caught the noble's eye, and despite our
continually telling him the bird was wild and not available for sale,
insisted he wanted it as his own.  After much discussion on my father's
behalf, he seemed to acquiesce. He and my father moved onto some of the
other cages, whilst I went to get a knife to cut some cloth to tag some
of the birds.

As I came outside the workshop, I saw the noble start to open the cage
of the hawk we had just caught.  Thinking about the safety of the noble,
as I knew the hawk would attack the first moving thing it could reach, I
ran to the noble and knocked him aside. Unfortunately, i had forgotten
about the knife in my hand, and accidently grazed the nobles arm.

However, the damage was done.  The door to the cage had opened far
enough for the hawk to escape, and it did, but not after it raked my arm
with it's claws.

Well, let me tell you, I screamed more out of shock and hurt.  My father
and mother came running, and, at seeing my arm, started tending my

Of course, the noble was very upset that he was not being looked after,
even though his wound was only a scratch.  He started yelling and
screaming, calling me an animal, and threatening my father with
everything from violence to legal action, unless he was, of course,
given a pair of hunting hawks for free.

My father stood up from dressing my wounds, threw a cloth to the noble
and said "Sir, you endangered my son's life.  You show no gratitude that
he saved your life _after_ you were warned.  You let a prized possession
loose.  You only sustained a minor wound, whilst my son sits here
bleeding heavily, and you demand from me free merchandise?  Get out of
my sight, and never set foot in this village again.  I will never sell
you anything now, or in the future, for the damage you have caused

The noble's face went red, and his mouth gaped open.  He gained control
of himself (well, as much as this human could), and shouted "You, sir,
have made a very bad mistake.  I have the ears of the Emperor.  I will
see to it that you pay for your insolence!"

"Do as you wish," my father replied, then turned his back on the noble
and continued helping my mother dress my wounds.

Well, the noble left, and the word of what happened went through the
village, and through all the nearby villages, and word spread about this
noble.  It seemed that wherever he went in the Sylvan lands, he was
refused service, or prices were driven sky-high when he was around.

Other human nobles that bought birds off my father sympathised with us
about what had happened, telling us that the noble that had visited us
was pompous, self-important, and overall a braggart.  the only reason he
held a title was because his father was high up in the Emperor's court.

Three months passed since the incident, when suddenly two of the
Emperor's Inquisitors turned up to our village and came to our house.

They claimed that I had been tried in absentia, and that I was found
guilty for the attempted murder of one of the Emperor's favoured nobles.
 Despite my father's protestations, it seemed I had no choice.

I vowed then and there that I would I would not rest until I had
returned home.  I bid farewell to my parents, wept as I hugged both my
sisters goodbye, and made my younger brother promise he would take care
of the family calling.

I packed up a few things, and left with the Inquisitors.

I was taken to a boat that seemed to be full of others sentenced to
exile.  None of us spoke, only looking back as the boat departed.

The journey was travelled mostly in silence.  Some wept.  Others refused
to eat or sleep.  I got what food and rest I could, until we reached our

As the journey continued, we adjusted to our fate and some people even
started talking amongst themselves.

We finally reached the Lok'Groton Islands, and were pretty much forced
to disembark.  The boat then left, and there we were, left standing on
the dock at West Beach.

That is how I arrived here, but someday I hope to return to my family.

8.  Miscellaneous Items
Don't forget to nominate your favorite exile for the next Sunstone
Drawing drawing at

An amusing incident that happened when I fell in South Forest :
TerraHawk says, "Hi"
Kodo says, "Perk be here soon"
Kodo exclaims, "hiyas!"
Perkusi yells, "who needs healin love?"
TerraHawk yells, "Make the pain stop! Oh please make the pain stop!"
*You sense healing energy from Perkusi.
You begin sharing your experiences with Perkusi.
You are sharing experiences with Perkusi, Sai, Jan'a, Axell and
You equip your orga eye.
Perkusi says, "ok, if you insist"
TerraHawk says, "Thanks :-)"
(Perkusi smiles)
(Kodo trips and lands on Terra... oops!)
Perkusi says, "haaaw"
You equip your sunstone.
TerraHawk thinks, "up thanks to many"
(TerraHawk waves)
Coeur de Leon asks, "when rigimortis sets in, is he terrafirma?"
Kodo exclaims, "bye!"
(Perkusi laughs)
Kodo ponders, "urgh!"
Well, _I_ thought it was funny :-).

9. Final Words
If you have managed to get this far, then I congratulate you!  I told
you it was a long newsletter :-)

I want to thank Farhope and Kiriel D'Sol for their contributions.

I hope you enjoyed our second issue.

Feedback is always appreciated, article submissions are always welcome,
and remember, may the wind be behind your back always (unless you want
to take a tacking course *grin*.  Sorry, a little sailing humour.  Maybe
I'm hanging around Coriakin too much :-).

Good hunting!
TerraHawk & HWC TH.
Reporter for WoD and Editor of "Whispers of the Breeze"

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The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
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