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The Winds of Dawn clan newsletters are written by our Clan Reporter, Anaeka.

Below is the newsletter you selected:

Windy News - WoD Newsletter

Volume 03 - Issue 01
1. Editor's Note
2. Member News
3. Clan News
4. Duns'ilar
5. We Blew It!
6. Editorial - Inactive Members
7. Final Thoughts

1. Editor's Note
Welcome to the latest incarnation of the Winds of Dawn newsletter. As
the new Clan Reporter, I have to admit that I'm relatively new to
creating newsletters and such for the clan. But hopefully this will turn
out as a success. Of course, I encourage all clan members to send me
submissions for future versions of this newsletter. As for the design,
I've decided to keep it simple like Terra's old newsletters.

Concerning our clan as of late. We've had our ups and downs, like most
clans do. However, there are great things ahead for us. Upcoming events
and challenges will lead our clan into a new level of greatness!

2. Member News
Unfortunately, the last few months have seen several of our clan members
leave us. While they will always be missed by us, we can only hope that
their path will lead them to greater things. Farewell again, Corwin our
previous clan clown,and Drablak, who was the previous clan reporter.
Also FoD Sargon, who was a previous member of the clan has left CL for
good. Again, good luck on whatever future endeavors that may be in store
for you in the future.

On a brighter note, we have also brought in one new member to our clan,
as well as a new Friend of Dawn. Congratulations to Diuturnity (Turny)
for being the latest member of the Winds of Dawn. Also congratulations
to Connie Crete, who is the latest Friend of Dawn to be voted in.

Now for some news involving our current clan members:

Congratulations to our treasurer, Mehan, for passing the elusive fourth
circle healer test. "I feel excited and pleased. Like my work has
finally paid off." Said the happy Zo, showing off her new fourth circle
SHORTS (not pants). Currently Mehan is training with Virgil, so that way
she can have access to the Purgatory Pendant.

Also a wonderful congrats goes out to Himitsu, our Clan Investigator,
for achieving the rank of Journeymen Mystic. The honor was given to her
on Soldi, Day 52 of Autumn, year 546. Currently Himitsu, is also in
charge of a great group known as Eyes of Puddleby, whose members are
charged with delving into the mysteries of Puddleby.

We've also had some fighters pass the third circle test as of late.
Konoko and current Clan Membership Coordinator Altir, have both passed
the 3c test recently. Konoko is currently training with her newly
acquired Fell Blade.

Once again, Congrats to all.

3. Clan News
There have been two significant changes in regards to the clan in the
last month or so. The first of which, has been the change of the meeting
times. WoD meetings have been changed from a rotating schedule of four
different meeting times to just two, which seem to be the times when
most people can make them. The first of which is Sundays at 12:00PM PDT
and the second is Fridays at 6:00PM PDT. Both of which are rotated

The second change has been to our web scrolls themselves. Powered by a
design made by former clan member Tater, and implemented by our
wonderful Scroll Mistress Kiriel, the new WoD scroll design is even
better than ever. Boasting a better interface and color design than the
previous scroll, the WoD scrolls are in my opinion one of the best clan
scrolls around these days (of course, I'm bias!). Among the new features
of the site are a puddleclock that is located in the upper right corner
of the front page. Also, there is now a tool that will help you convert
OOC time to Puddletime and vice versa. There is also a tool to learn
which zodiac it is, as well as when sunrise and sunset are for each day.
These additions alone have made our site the hub of all questions
regarding time, moon phases, and zodiac questions. Once again, thanks to
Tater to the design and big thanks to Kiriel for making it all possible.

4.  Dun'ilsar
After our first Duns'ilar venture against the Dwarven Militia, Winds of
Dawn have posted two challenges. Clan Ambassador Hippocrates first
issued a challenge against LoW, and after a zodiac of no response, LoW
was automatically declared to forfeit and WoD moved up a tier.

Our next challenge is currently being reviewed by the opposing team,
which is ELF. The challenge issued was Hide & Seek, with the alternate
being Hunter. The times submitted for when a Duns'ilar would be held are
Friday at 7:00PM PDT, Saturday at 12:00PM PDT and Sunday at 12:00PM PDT,
keep in mind that no date has been set of now. These are simply the
times that ELF has to choose from and then an actual date will be
determined when they reply. Clan Treasurer Mehan also stressed to
everyone that all Clan Members that are able to participate should do
so. "If you don't help with the Dunny, I will personally steal your
soul. Have a nice day." Says the Zo.

For more information about Duns'ilar, post your questions on the forum
or speak with the Clan Ambassador.

5. We Blew It!
An idea conceived by a Zo thought, the latest Winds of Dawn clan
endeavor is an upcoming game of the classic Don't Blow It, now retitled
to We Blew It! For new clan members or perhaps those that have
forgotten, We Blew It is basically a mad, hardcore game of coin whoring,
with members of the clan being split up into teams of four trying to
earn the most coins for the clan. The idea was officially brought out
into the open by Producer JR. Although his behind the scenes events
seemed to blow up in his face, Mehan seemed to take control of
everything just fine, saving the studio before everything was destroyed.
While announcing We Blew It on the set, Mehan, looking miffy like only a
Zo can, announced the prizes for the upcoming battle. The first place
team will receive a 1000 coin prize with the second place winner getting
500c and the third place runner-up receiving 250c.

As of publication of this newsletter, no date has been set yet. However,
a discussion is still being held in the forum of when this event should
take place, so go out and make your voice heard! There have also been
several teams already formed in preparation, so if you are without a
team, it is suggested to find one quickly before all the good coinwho...
err good players are taken! Also all proceeds made by We Blew It will go
to fund a newbie event tentatively titled "The Newbympics."

For more information on We Blew It, you can post a message on the forum
or contact the organizers in the lands. The organizers are the winners
of the previous contest, Mehan, Drabby, Kiriel and Althus.

6. Editorial - Inactive Members
This is just a small editorial because, after all, all great newsletters
have editorials . I noticed on the forum a few weeks ago that someone
had posted a poll asking if a member of our clan should leave because he
was no longer what is considered an "active" member of the clan.
Personally, I found question to be pretty crazy as it is. Just because
you are a member of a clan does not mean you always have to be active in
it all the time. The rest of us clan members know that PWC lives
sometimes take priority over our IC spirits, and sometimes we have to
refrain from going out in the lands for long periods of time. First of
all, there is nothing wrong with this, and no one should think they
don't deserve to be in a clan because they are inactive. It doesn't
matter how much you do for the clan or how much you do in the lands. We
care about your friendship, we care about how you feel in the clan, we
care about YOU, specifically. Everything else is secondary. Of course,
for those that actually do take an active role in the clan, you always
have our thanks for everything that you do. However, just because we
have a few members that are doing things, doesn't mean everyone
necessarily has to always be active! It's a good part of the clan, sure,
but not the most important part. Remember that.

Winds of Dawn members will always be WoD members, no matter what
happens. If you have to leave CL for awhile because of OOC issues, you
will still be part of our family. We will always remember you, and
that's all that has to be said.

7. Final Thoughts
This just in before I went to distribution! Last night, a group of
exiles led by two Winds of Dawn members explored the caverns of
Melabrion Mines. While on this expedition, WoD member Kiriel made an
awesome discovery: a new path that lead to an expansive new snell
populated by many interesting nests and eggs, as well as the usual
cobras and Tok'hans.

The new area, being called Tok'Han Nest, seems to be a brand new
discovery made by this group that explored there, more specifically made
by Kiriel. "I might not have seen it last night if Kintok had not fallen
next to it." Says the pathfinding Sylvan, reflecting on the expedition.
The path was discovered after Kiriel chained Kintok away from a section
of the wall, as she approached him, she noticed that there was a strange
path near him. After the area was cleared and he was healed, the group
went back to that section of the wall and discovered the new path.

8. Final Final Thoughts
Well this is it for issue one. I hope it wasn't so bad. If anyone wants
to write a small article or post an event, please send it to me!

Clan Reporter

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