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6:25 am on Soldi, day 81 of Winter, 638 Sun Times
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Wind Titles

These titles are a way of stating your circle level, profession, and other abilities. Each title is a different type of wind.

This is a draft of some ideas Aerick and Konoko worked on around Day 76 of Spring 539 (October 2000). They just haven't been posted on the Winds site until now.

One can list these titles on the members scroll, on your own scroll, on your tattoo, or whatever else you can think of!

Lady/Lord and Mistress/Master:

Directional indicator for Mistress/Master and Lady/Lord. East or West can be used to signify Mistress/Master and North or South can be used to signify Lady/Lord. So each clan member can choose which of the two directions they want to be based on their title.

In other words, two directions be Master/Misstress, and that once one attains that level, they can pick either of the two directions to describe themselves. The downside is that the system is then non-uniform, but it leaves some room for personal preference.


These winds are a description for your profession.

  • Fighter - Tempest
  • Healer - Zephyr
  • Mystic - Solar Wind (What do people think of this? Is it "mysticy" enough?)


These winds describe the circle level of the member. Weaker wind at the start and then stronger winds as the level is higher.

  1. Puff
  2. Breeze
  3. Gust
  4. Gale


There would be a wind for abilities such as pathfinding and skinning (depending on the level or number of ranks you have).

  • 50 and higher Skea - Levanter
  • Pathfinding - Chinook


  • For instance, Konoko (Mistress, 2nd circle Fighter) would be something like:
    A West Tempest Breeze.
    Also a Levanter and a Chinook for NWF.
  • A third circle fighter with some pathfinding:
    Gust of Tempest and 3rd chamber Chinook
The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
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