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The Winds of Dawn clan newsletters are written by our Clan Reporter, Anaeka.

Below is the newsletter you selected:


The Winds of Dawn Bi-Zodiac Newsletter

Issue 01 - Volume 01
1. Editor's Welcome
2. Member News
3. Items of Interest
4. An Interview With Suu'ub III on "Open Hands"
5. Interesting Happenings In Puddleby
6. Miscellaneous Items
7. Final Words

1. Editor's Welcome
Welcome, all my clan-mates, to the inaugural edition of "Whispers of the
Breeze', the bi-zodiac (OOC : bi-weekly, meaning once every two weeks)
source of information regarding the clan, the clan's adventures in and
around Puddleby, and various other tidbits of information that can be
scrounged up.

If you wish to contribute an article, please submit an enchanted mail
with the article and your clan name to

If you wish to write a regular column (like Doc's Medical Advice,
Corwin's Corner, Aerick's Treasury Report, for example), then please let
me know what you would like the column to be called.

Also, suggestions on ways to improve this newsletter are always welcome,
and any corrections on anything printed are also welcome.

Please note that this newsletter will be sent out as plain text only! No
HTML, RTF, or any sort of styled text is allowed, and no attachments
will be allowed either.

If you want to use an item with your article, put the picture on a
webpage somewhere (Kiriel may even put it on a section of the WoD
website if asked nicely), and provide a link to the item in your

The reason for doing this is because many people are still on 56K (or
even lower speed) connections, some poeple pay by the minute to connect
to their ISP (the UK for example), and others yet have to pay per
Megabyte downloded.

I apologise in advance for the fact that all the articles in this issue
are written by me.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this first issue of "Whispers of the

TerraHawk [WoD Reporter and Editor of "WotB"].

2. Member News
As we all know by now, Kiriel D'Sol has made Third Circle Fighter (much
to her surprise), and Aerick has made Fourth Circle Healer (also much to
his surprise).

Aerick needs a little bit of help to buy a Purgatory Pendant (10,000
coins), so he would appreciate any and all help people can giv him.

Also, welcome to Goric (a male Ghorak Zo Fioghter), who is a new member
of the Winds of Dawn.  He left Blue Team in order to help new exiles as
they arrive on purgatory, and to help exiles in general. Goric is also a
member of the "True and Gentle Knights."  I will be doing an article on
them next issue (I hope).

Now, with the addition of a Ghorak Zo into our ranks, that leaves us
Thoom-less.  As we all know, any Thooms that become Healers get snapped
up by "ThoomCare?", and almost any new exile that arrives in Puddleby
seems to get snapped up by "Open Hands" (a new clan for new exiles - see
article below".

There are still clanless Thooms out there (as well as clanned ones that
may be thinking of leaving their clans), so keep your eyes and ears open
for any potential new recruits.

[Editor's Note : I know I'm being a bit biased in this article, but I
personally would like to see a representitive of every race in the

3. Items of Interest
As we all know, there was a Chaos Storm last zodiac.  A list of
currently known changes to Puddleby follows (compiled from many sources
- both OOC and IC changes listed) :

* Tey'zhe, the speed trainer in the advanced library, has been moved.
* The rose in muddy north forest has a room in it now.
* There is a small farm patch in north field.
   It doesn't do anything, just an addition to the ground graphics.
* The maximum password length was shortened by 1 character, so people
   with maximum length passwords have to change their password.
* Fˇral are now Grey Feral.
* Even thought he Gift Shop was open before the Chaos Storm, the
   outside was prettied during the Chaos Storm (take lots of money
   if you plan on buying anything).
* There is a new area, underneath the monastary (I'll leave people to
   find the way for themselves - Ed.)
* The practice dummies have been moved out fo the fighter barracks, due
   to an exploitation of a bug.  Apparently they will be fixed and back
* You can now type /depart whilst standing to see how many departs you
   have in total.
* A new section has opened up in the GM's in the Fairgrounds.  Go in
   the westmost door ont he north wall.

The Sylvan Outpost in SF Hospital is still closed for building.

During the clan meeting the following items of information were revealed
for Third Circle Fighters for the "You experiment with a new fighting
style" messages :

* For gossamer blade, kill many creatures with one stroke
* For fell blade, attack creatures from behind (easy to do with a group)
* For a bloodblade, fight on red a lot
* Bloodblades are acquired by taking a moonstone and a dagger to a
   special Blue Tagged Citizen in the Savannah Mines

Okay, so it may not be recent news, but was interesting information fro
those (liek me) who wouldn't have known such.

It also seems like Baker and Brewer ranks are a pre-curser to the
up-coming Alchemist trainer/sub-class.

4. An Interview With Suu'ub III on "Open Hands"
Here is the complete transcript, pretty much unedited.  This was
conducted on 2001/04/09.  OH has a few more members since then.

TerraHawk asks, "So, why did you create Open hands?"
Suu'ub III says, "For me newlings"
Suu'ub III says, "I made it so newlings can get clan experience from
other ones."
Suu'ub III says, "They all make it so easily, why not others benefit."
Suu'ub III says, "It's also a good system for them to set up a fund for
money, for new weapons."
Suu'ub III whispers, "And others you can't normally have when you start
Suu'ub III says, "They also meet new people in the world, and are able
to go on more hunts with clanmates."
TerraHawk asks, "so what do you see as the goals of IOpen Hands being?"
Suu'ub III says, "To establish newlings with the ways of Clan Lord, and
give them immediate partnership in the lands."
Suu'ub III says, "Plus help them start off experience wise."
TerraHawk asks, "So, OH us just for new exiles then?"
Suu'ub III says, "I've set up a few stronger exiles in the clan for
guidance and assistance when needed."
Suu'ub III says, "The only elder members of the clan are: Haze, Gandor
Durin, and myself."
TerraHawk asks, "How many members does Open Hands have?"
"As of now, 15. We were only founded 2 days ago."
"Want some general info?"
Suu'ub III says, "Clan: Open Hands"
Suu'ub III says, "Date Founded: 4/6/01"
Suu'ub III says, "Founder: Suu'ub III"
Suu'ub III says, "Co-Founders: Wystii, Boris, Erasmus, Alknelt."
Suu'ub III says, "Members: Wystii, Boris, Erasmus, Alknelt, Merlijn,
Haze, Young, Nog the Bombast, Wang, Wangah Rah, Suu'ub III, Curiousity,
Yummy, Golgolath."
Suu'ub III says, "Fighters: Boris, Alknelt, Haze, Nog the Bombast,
Wangah Suu'ub III says, "Mystics: Merlijn, Wystii."
Suu'ub III says, "Healers: Erasmus, Wang, Suu'ub III."
Suu'ub III says, "Total Members (as of 4/8/01): 15"
Suu'ub III says, "Thats all I got. I believe Alknelt is setting up
TerraHawk asks, "As the new exiles get stornger, will you encourage them
to stay in OH, or will they be alowed to find another clan to join?"
Suu'ub III says, "Of course they can leave whenever they want, and
obviously we'll never force them to leave."
Suu'ub III says, "Just like any other clan..."
TerraHawk says, "Okay, Thanks Suu'ub. I think I have enough for a short
piece on your clan. I hope that OH and Winds of Dawn can work together
to help enw exiles."
Suu'ub III says, "Thanks"

5. Interesting Happenings In Puddleby
April foolishness has come and gone, and fun was had by all.  The Rift
contained many interesting areas to explore, including Wizard of Oz,
Oompa Loompa Land, Blues Brothers, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars,
and possibly another I cannot remember (I could be wrong).

Blues Brothers and the Wizard of Oz had quests to complete, and as far
as anyone else or myself knows, the others were just to kill stuff.

Star Wars slowly grew on me as time went on, and the last day of the
Rift being in existence, we had a blast.  The only annoying thing was
everyone looked the same, so nametags were recommended.

There were 19 of us all up hunting in Star Wars, and you cans ee us all
in a line at

You can see us fighting StormTroopers at, and we were
all victorious, defeating the StormTroopers at

It will be interesting to see what next year brings.

Of course, as people were obsessed with April Foolishness, sometimes it
was a bit too much and people went hunting for normal stuff to kill.

I (TerraHawk), was doing my usual South Forets/Brambles run, and fell
outside the East Trool Mine thanks to a LV spawn.

After having fallen, I waited for rescue.  First on the scene was Tina,
who promptly fell to a LV.

Then Sargon arrived on the scene and raised me, and we went to rescue
Tina, where I promptly fell to a Bolok.

Then Tater fell to an IP.  So, Sargon drags me to South Forest, where we
are then joined by Connie Crete.

So, I head for Tater, thinking the others are behind me, which they
aren't.  I try to push Tater north from East Trool mine to Brambles
Entrance, where I promptly fall to an IP (and other junk running

Tater gets dragged off by Sargon to the hospital, where she is healed up
(so I think), and then Tina comes and drags me back to the Hospital.

Only problem is, by this stage, as we exit the Brambles snell into
Mirror snell, we get stuck ont he wooden bridge surrounded by lots of
Trools, Orcs, a Maha, and one or two other things.

So there we all are, Sargon, Connie, and Tina having fallen, providing a
body of walls so the critters cannot really get me.  Only thing I can do
is call for help.

Then it hits me.  I pull Connie out of the way, fight a monster, and
push Connie back to regain balance.

Of course, this means I am slowly starting to falla s I gt hit.

After I manage to kill soem stuff, Lursa arrives on the scene, and Axell
too.  With their help we get the fallens raised, the critetrs killed,
and to our surprise, the following happens :

*Your bravery and compassion has been rewarded.
*You gain experience.

From the time I was trapped and fell, to the rescue, an hour (OOC Time)
had passed.  And whilst there were many people clanning, most seemed
obsessed with the Rift at the time.  There were some fallens in the
Savannah too, so I suspect the same thing happened with their rescue
(that's sepculation though).

In any case, I think there's a lesson in there for everyone :-).

6.  Miscellaneous Items
The first SunStone Raffle from the DP fund has been drawn.  The winner
is Tinayel.

You can nominate your favorite exile for the next drawing at

7. Final Words
I hope you ahve all enjoyed this first issue of the newsletter.

Remember, articles are welcome from all members of the clan, and
suggestions are welcome on ways to improve the newsletter.

Good hunting!

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