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9:16 am on Soldi, day 81 of Winter, 638 Sun Times
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Clan Lord Links

This scroll is a resurrection of the original "World's Greatest Collection of Clan Lord Links" created by Tim Yang (Worg). Please send any corrections for this scroll to Kiriel D'Sol

Public Boards (10):

Scroll Name Description
CL-Tenebrion  An eGroup that discusses the issue of the arch-fiend Tenebrion and further plans to enhance the relationship between Tenebrion and the exiles of Puddleby.  
ClanLordQuestTracker  An eGroup to exchange ideas and information about the various gamemaster developed plots and goings-on in Clan Lord.  
Clan_Lord_Puddleby_Government  An eGroup started during the heat of the Bush/Gore 2000 campaign to discuss the structure and goals of a government for Puddleby.  
CLBard  An eGroup to announce the ordainment of new bards and audition calls.  
cl_pathfinders  An eGroup that contains many spoilers because it discusses new paths, developments that Delta Tao have made to the pathfinding effect, problems that pathfinders face and effects of pathfinding.  
FMOCR  Information on, schedule of and organisation of forays into the dreaded Orga Camp 4.  
pushball  An eGroup to announce challenges and results of games organised by the Pushball League.  
RQfriends  An eGroup by the Red Quill Clan for non-Red Quill members who are nevertheless interested in role-playing and developing and creating character plots in Clan Lord.  
The Clan Lord Sentinel  Suggestion Box and public discussion forum. 
Thoom  An eGroup started by Thoomcare and open to all Thooms to discuss and deepen the Thoom culture to help Thooms role-play better.  


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The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
Corrections, questions, etc. regarding these scrolls should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol.