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Skea Specialists

Below is a list of skea (skinning) specialists, grouped into master (200+ ranks), journeyman (100-199 ranks), and apprentice (50-99 ranks) levels. This list is meant to assist in finding exiles to invite on hunts in need of good skinners (note that people can add themselves to the list so you should verify training with the exile in question). If you know someone who should be on this list but isn't or if someone on this list has achieved the next level of training, please use the Add/Update Skea Specialist Form to add or update them (if you're not sure of their level of training please suggest they add themselves). If any information on this page is incorrect, please let Kiriel D'Sol know.

There are currently 217 skea specialists in this list.

Last Updated: 08/30/19 11:23 AM Pacific Time

Master Level Skea Specialists (200+ ranks):

Skea Specialist Name Profession
Aime Noi'thar none
Archemar none
Bon Temps fighter
Bronia fighter
Caesar healer
Carl none
Chisel fighter
Coco fighter
Coins fighter
Connie Crete fighter
Cord fighter
Cyrril Co'Fei healer
Elise fighter
erekose healer
Felicity healer
Fluffi healer
Focus fighter
Gorton fighter
Habbakuk Lal fighter
Hulken fighter
Hunter healer
Iakona healer
Indy fighter
Jive fighter
Kaitlyn healer
Kalian fighter
Karsun fighter
Kerrah fighter
Kubero none
Kwan'Yin fighter
Leyenda fighter
Lin Bay healer
Lofar fighter
Mal Renaisus none
Maxibus fighter
Muad'Dib healer
Mujin-kun fighter
Myshidian none
Nestor fighter
Niccolo healer
Nykki fighter
Omen fighter
Phineas none
Puffy-s healer
Rahan healer
Reisa healer
Skynn Flynnt healer
Tannar fighter
Tanner healer
Tigger healer
Tomah fighter
Tubaki fighter

Journeyman Level Skea Specialists (100-199 ranks):

Skea Specialist Name Profession
Alchemist healer
Allura fighter
Altir fighter
Anonymoose fighter
Anton Crowley mystic
Aravir fighter
Artesia fighter
Asmely mystic
Aughra fighter
Axis fighter
Balder fighter
Bean fighter
Bebe fighter
BFskinner fighter
Bob healer
Brim fighter
Caricia fighter
Catweazle healer
Chex fighter
Coeur de Leon fighter
Coldy fighter
Crescent fighter
Dinsdale fighter
Drib'thgin healer
Flux mystic
Frak fighter
Gilean fighter
Gramps fighter
Hor fighter
Hugh none
Hunk fighter
Illora Mone healer
Imani fighter
Jaspher none
Javelin fighter
Jinx fighter
John Junkar fighter
Johnson mystic
Kirara fighter
Leggo fighter
Legoles fighter
Leogic fighter
Lerris fighter
Lexa none
Lister fighter
Llym'shann healer
Lucio fighter
Lux fighter
Magnar fighter
Mariatu healer
Martin fighter
Mellion fighter
Mephisto healer
Myngo none
Nadron healer
Norm fighter
Oleandar fighter
Olmy fighter
PureHeaded healer
PureHeart mystic
PureHeaven fighter
PureHeavin fighter
Rafiki Khalida mystic
Ragin' Cajun fighter
Rylleho mystic
Ryokucha fighter
Sagramor fighter
Sareth fighter
Saru fighter
Selwyn none
Serra Lorne none
Sielk fighter
Smeester fighter
Sook fighter
Spirit healer
Trev fighter
Xrith mystic
Xuxu fighter
Yosaku fighter

Apprentice Level Skea Specialists (50-99 ranks):

Skea Specialist Name Profession
Aeris fighter
Aviendha fighter
Azuki healer
Bach fighter
Beam fighter
Belgarion mystic
Bir Guzzyl fighter
Bladebringer fighter
Blitz fighter
Bonk fighter
Bron Sgurr fighter
Cachus fighter
Chance fighter
Chmee fighter
Clawstrophobios fighter
Commodus fighter
Crunchy fighter
Curdsonway healer
Curmudgeon fighter
DaMoot healer
Dandelion healer
Degu healer
Diomedes fighter
Downyfoot fighter
Dreamer none
Elenis Reyav fighter
Falken fighter
Finn fighter
Fundin fighter
Gady fighter
Gaf'na healer
Gawyn fighter
Gorvin fighter
Gwydion fighter
Hamara none
Highlander fighter
Himitsu mystic
Humbaba fighter
Icy fighter
Inu Teisei healer
Jeanne fighter
Kani fighter
Kelfer fighter
Kiriel D'Sol fighter
Kirono fighter
Konoko fighter
Koriel Fishbind fighter
Krassus fighter
Larea fighter
Lizz'ii healer
Llenlleawg fighter
Maeght fighter
Malloc fighter
Mars fighter
Michael fighter
Nettle fighter
Ootog fighter
Panos fighter
Paramedic healer
paranoidos fighter
Pessimyst none
Polerand healer
PureHeat fighter
PureHelp healer
Quatre fighter
Rhone fighter
Sephorus fighter
Shen Calin fighter
Shiner fighter
Sunoril healer
Swing fighter
T'rr'll fighter
Terog fighter
Theo healer
Thornin fighter
Torajiro fighter
Torin fighter
Trowa fighter
Ugh fighter
Valiant healer
Villifos mystic
WorldWalker none
Za'reb healer
Zeitgeist fighter
Zhirem fighter
Zyloth mystic

The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
Corrections, questions, etc. regarding these scrolls should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol.