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10:10 pm on Fordi, day 28 of Summer, 637 Sun Times
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Dentir Specialists

Below is a list of dentir (mandible recovery) specialists, grouped into master (150+ ranks), journeyman (100-149 ranks), and apprentice (50-99 ranks) levels. This list is meant to assist in finding exiles to invite on hunts in need of good mandible recoverers (note that people can add themselves to the list so you should verify training with the exile in question). If you know someone who should be on this list but isn't or if someone on this list has achieved the next level of training, please use the Add/Update Dentir Specialist Form to add or update them (if you're not sure of their level of training please suggest they add themselves). If any information on this page is incorrect, please let Kiriel D'Sol know.

There are currently 56 dentir specialists in this list.

Last Updated: 10/12/11 02:27 PM Pacific Time

Master Level Dentir Specialists (150+ ranks):

Dentir Specialist Name Profession
Archemar none
Blackhole fighter
Bon Temps fighter
Coco fighter
Cyrril Co'Fei healer
Illora Mone healer
King Fisher none
Kirara fighter
Kubero none
Lin Bay healer
Mal Renaisus none
Myshidian none
Tomah fighter
Vequalir healer
Zinnia fighter

Journeyman Level Dentir Specialists (100-149 ranks):

Dentir Specialist Name Profession
Bebe fighter
Bronia fighter
Cammie fighter
Caricia fighter
Dentara healer
Frak fighter
Gorton fighter
Jive fighter
Lofar fighter
Myngo none
Nadron healer
Olmy fighter
PureHeavin fighter
Reisa healer
Selwyn none
Tannar fighter
Tanner healer
Thealer healer

Apprentice Level Dentir Specialists (50-99 ranks):

Dentir Specialist Name Profession
Amfi healer
Axis fighter
Bakunan fighter
Cord fighter
Curmudgeon fighter
Kwan'Yin fighter
Leinis fighter
Lexa none
Lima healer
Llym'shann healer
Lucio fighter
Mac-arena fighter
Magnar fighter
Mars fighter
MeRoka fighter
Skynn Flynnt healer
Spirit healer
Sunoril healer
Valiant healer
Wayfarer mystic
WorldWalker none
Xrith mystic
Yui healer

The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
Corrections, questions, etc. regarding these scrolls should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol.