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Archived Message Board Posts

The Guides Meeting Video

Kiriel Sep 18th 7:22 PM
For those who would like to see what happened at the guides meeting (yes, they did not want these posted but I think it is necesary for the clan to see what really happened here), you can see the vision stones at:

Konoko Sep 19th 1:27 PM
Thanks much for posting those vision stones...

I just finished watching them. After the first one, I was thinking everything was going quite well.

Things changed after that and seemed to get worse as the meeting progressed...

I'm surprised that they voted to kick Aerick out of the clan. As you said Kiriel, he was going to leave anyways, but still, to kick a guide and one of the founding members out. For an instance, say Aerick was not going to leave the clan on his own, should that not have gone to a vote by the guides? And I don't think with Kiriel and Farhope as guides, that it would be unanimous. So Aerick couldn't be kicked out. But he left anyways as did the others.

I'm just very surprised that there was this much going on behind the scenes. I knew the meetings were a little disorganised. For instance the Dun'ilsar thing was weird with it being approved and then deciding later that it wasn't liked.

"Newbies and fun" was mentioned as the goals of the clan. What's not fun about sports (of which Dun'ilsar is)?

I wish you and Aerick great luck in forming a new clan. I will definitely continue to monitor this forum. Maybe I'll even end up joining you.

I still can't believe what happened at that meeting...

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