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Archived Message Board Posts

Clan Naked

Nunul Sep 26th 4:28 PM
I don't think I need to explain this one. It just has a ring to it...


Konoko Sep 26th 9:18 AM

Here's a name someone mentioned to me. I don't think it has the same ring to it as Defenders of Dawn or Winds of Dawn though...


I guess you add something to front or back of it (ie Survivors of something)...

Aerick Sep 26th 10:12 AM
Ack! Sounds like that show that people kept trying to get me to watch!

\action crawls back under his rock

Defenders of the Dawn

Konoko Sep 21st 8:41 AM

Here's another idea.
It focuses around the word "dawn".

It works on a number of levels:
1. First it includes the idea of light that I believe Kiriel (or someone) had mentioned in an earlier post. Night can be seen as dark and cold and lonely. The dawn is the emergence of light and warmth and hence the support and togtherness that the clan would offer to one and all.

2. Second, night can be seen as the evil and dangers of the land while the dawn and the sun represent the good and safeness. Think of it this way: the same way the exiles do battle every day with the various monsters such as the orgas, darshaks, etc for control of Puddleby and area, every 24 hours the night and day battle for control. The dawn signals the success of the day (the sun) defeating the evils of the night to bring a bright new day to the world. Being defenders of this dawn would mean that the clan is fighting the evils of the land.

3. Dawn can be seen as the beginning of the day versus morning, afternoon, dusk, evening, night, etc. The dawn is the beginning of the day much in the same way that when an exile enters Puddleby, she/he is in the dawn (beginning) of her/his new life as an exile.

It works on so many levels!
I'm sure there are others too...

As the defenders/guards/protectors of this dawn, our clan would be protecting the town of puddleby and the whole island chain from the evils. We would be protecting those exiles in the dawn of their new life in pudddleby (newbies). And finally as a dawn, we would be offering light, support, guidance to the exiles in the land.

Wow, I just love this idea!

A few possible names for this clan would be:
Defenders of the Dawn
Guards of Dawn
Protectors of the Dawn
Dawn Defenders
Dawn Protectors
Dawn Guards

I personally like "Defenders of the Dawn" myself. Guards of the Dawn is okay but there already is a clan called "Guard of the Golden Tree".

To Guard. To Protect.
Defenders of the Dawn!

What do you think? Kinda catchy, eh?
I wouldn't mind yelling this as our battle cry :)

Let me know what you all think!

Corwin Sep 21st 11:00 AM
The Dawn Patrol! ;^D
Aerick Sep 21st 11:53 AM
To combine, some possibilities that I think sound neat:

Legion of the Dawn Moon
Legion of the Lunar Dawn

I think we can create some really neat effects combining Dawn and Moon symbology.
Kiriel Sep 21st 12:56 PM
I like the Dawn symbolism. Now I can't decide whether I like the cute names better that Corwin suggested, or the Dawn theme. Darn, too many choices! :)

Personally, I like The Dawn Patrol - it reminds me of a series of books by Brian Jacques where animals are the main characters and they have lots of fun fantasy adventures. (they're sorta aimed towards younger audiences, but they're still fun to read)
Farhope Sep 22nd 6:50 AM
I feel uneasy about the whole question of the clan name because of my lack of skill in the common language (I have some ideas in other languages :-).
So, for example (and it is a pity!) I miss a lot in the proposition of Corwin (where there are, I suppose, some ooc cultural reference I don't have).

But, here is my try after reading your propostions (and proposing so few :-).
My personnal taste about name goes to a name like:

Dawn's Winds Clan (I don't know if the "'s" is needed)
Dawn's Springs Clan

Yes, I like the "dawn" word, thank you Konoko, but I dislike the "guards" or "defenders"... too fighters like perhaps :-)

Speaking about taste, I like pastry too... the idea to have the meeting in the bakery sounds great (and fat :-) but if there is a hunt after the meeting...
Tater Sep 22nd 8:24 AM
Hi Farhope,

OOC: Some of the references to bakery-related names come from the Pillsbury Doughboy--he is a cultural icon here in the U.S. If you're curious about him, you can take a peek at him here:

Be sure to press his tummy!

Weird, I know. :)

Tater Sep 22nd 8:26 AM
Hi Farhope,

OOC: Some of the references to bakery-related names come from the Pillsbury Doughboy--he is a cultural icon here in the U.S. If you're curious about him, you can take a peek at him here:

Be sure to press his tummy!

Weird, I know. :)

Corwin Sep 22nd 11:51 AM
Actually, "doughboy" was a slang term for United States soldiers during World War I, but the Pillsbury dude works too.

The Dawn Patrol was literally that for WWI flyers, a standard time to send out aerial patrols. There was an early movie by that name.
Kiriel Sep 22nd 1:24 PM
FYI, I checked, (and .net and .com) are taken, but (and .net and .com) are free.

Clan of the Dawn Winds also sounds kinda nice.
Nunul Sep 22nd 5:12 PM
"Dawn Wind"

ooc-I am a hunter in real life. ( I know...this may turn some of you off.) I get up VERY early...many hours before the dawn. I hike through the silent forest, the only sound is the light footfalls I create. I get to my stand and its still dark. Again, there is virtualy no sound. It is peaceful. I await the dawn. Most times I sit waiting, staring at the clear and starlit sky. I have no fear of the night. More often than not, I nod off... I awaken to the gentle stiring of leaves as the sun breaks the horizon, heats the air, and causes the wind to rise up the slopes. A new day begins.

"Dawn Wind" I could get attached to this name.
Aerick Sep 23rd 12:45 PM
Dawn('s?) Wind is a name that is growing on me more and more.

It has a certain ambiguity about it, a quality of not being quite tangible.

Also, we could use variations on it to some end [perhaps powerlevels, or concentrations, or professions], and have Dawn('s) Breeze, Wind, Gale, etc.
Konoko Sep 24th 6:46 PM
Winds of the Dawn is my current favourite now!
I still like Defenders of the Dawn but some didn't like the fighter-ness of the word defender.

So with winds, Aerick mentioned a number of rankages/names that can be given to the members based on the circle they are in.

Also, a wind name based on what profession they are. I can't remember what Aerick said for healers but here are a couple of ideas:

Zephyr is a "soft, gentle wind" so perhaps this would be good for healers.

Tempest is "An extensive current of wind, rushing with great velocity and violence, and commonly attended with rain, hail, or snow; a furious storm." and so might be a good name for fighters.

For mystics we'll have to give it a little thought (maybe aura)?

Here are some other words for wind from

wind, draught, flatus, afflatus, efflation, eluvium; air; breath, breath of air; puff, whiff,
zephyr; blow, drift; aura; stream, current, jet stream; undercurrent.

gust, blast, breeze, squall, gale, half a gale, storm, tempest, hurricane, whirlwind, tornado, samiel, cyclone, anticyclone, typhoon; simoon, simoom; harmattan, monsoon, trade wind, sirocco, mistral, bise, tramontane, levanter; capful of wind; fresh breeze, stiff breeze; keen blast; blizzard, barber [Can.], candelia, chinook, foehn, khamsin, norther, vendaval, wuther.

Check out for the definitions of these words...

So, any other ideas?

Aerick Sep 25th 9:00 AM
Konoko, you pretty well covered my idea in the 'narrowing down of names' area. Here are my extra thoughts:

'wind' shouldn't be a circle denominator, as we are all winds. But I have NO idea what to replace it with. Perhaps it could be a descriptor of non-officer. dunno.

Mystics could be 'solar wind.'

I was trying to come up with racial winds, but it made my head hurt.

There should be names to recognize pathfinders, and other specialty trainers.

The names should be combinable, so that a 2• fighter would be a Zephyr Gust (or Gust of Zephyr).

I think it would be neat to have all of us have formal titles that we can use in appropriate situations.
Konoko Sep 25th 10:06 AM

Well for 3rd circle title, how about squall?
According to my dictionary, it's a suddent gust of wind so it's higher than gust. I like gale for 4th circle as I don't think you can get much higher than that without going into tornados, hurricanes, etc...

I agree: pathfinders (and how about skea?) have a special title too

For pathfinders or skinners, how about chinook? According to, it's "A warm, dry wind that descends from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, causing a rapid rise in temperature."

But more importantly, I like the name! It's fun to say too!

Any other wind ideas anyone?
I like this idea more and more?

Winds of the Dawn! Woo!
Corwin Sep 25th 11:19 AM
Well, ok - you asked for it!

Cyclonic Dawn (I kinda like this one)

Typhoon of Trust

Tongue Twister (think about it - interesting image, neh?)

for the more poetic, The Tickling Breeze of Spring

Santa Ana's Army (Santa Ana's are hot dry winds that blow through Southern California occasionally ; sometimes gente, sometimes quite fierce - up to 100 mhp in the mountain passes)

The Millibar Fellowship - no pressure tactics!

The Marine Layer - meteorologic, miltitary, and nautical references rolled into one.

The Warm Front - we won't rain on your parade!

Clan Solstace

Clan Equinox - More balanced than solstace, but doesn't sound as good to me.

Clan Ion - radical electrons unite! We could write in ionic pentameter (heh heh)

In the Sinking to New Lows Department: We could always be that embarrassing clan, Breaking Wind - I know, that stinks. But it could really be a gas! The battle cry could be "Brrrrraaapppp!" Our battle standard could be a streamer of tissue paper. Think of how flushed with success we'll be! I'll leave the clan colors to your, what would our Seat of Government look like?
Aerick Sep 25th 12:11 PM
Oh my lord, Corwin, you are great. You have to do this regularly. Corwin's Corner or somesuch. I love it.
Aerick Sep 25th 1:23 PM
Wow! I just realised that we could:

Throw reason to the winds!

Think of the possibilities. Corwin?
Nunul Sep 25th 4:15 PM
I love "Warm Front" Corwin...I'm going to post it in the Narrow down thread.

List of the Fruits of a Brainstorm

Aerick Sep 20th 4:52 PM
I am coming up with multiple part names, by just throwing out segments. You can connect them for your own fun!

Council of the...
Order of the...
Voice of the...
Harbingers of...

I like Mythril a lot, the only real problem with it is that Silver and Mythril are both precious metals, but, hey, you know.... Mythril's still cool! =)
Kiriel Sep 20th 6:38 PM
More brainstorm words to consider:

Moonlight (I like this one since moonlight lets you get around when otherwise it would be too dark to see)
Lunar (same idea)

Some possible clan names
Clan of the Morning Star
Voices of the Moonlight
Spirit Guides
Truth, Justice, and the Puddlebian Way (yes, this one's a joke)

Corwin Sep 21st 11:35 AM
Actually, Kiriel, I like the humor - especially in a title.

How about "The Clan of Infinite Possibilities?"

It could also be rather esoteric: "The Clan That Divides by Zero" (I have a proof that 2 is equal to 1, but it depends on division by zero, which is not allowed in most mathematical systems.)

Or with a sly wink to origins "Clan Tangent." Which could even be expanded to pun on real history, as well as kinda musical in delivery, "Clan Plan Tangent," or "Clan Planet Tangent." (would the founders then be co-siners?)

And since we're on a math-based jag, how about "The Clan of the Fraction Faction?" You could even toss in the word "Fractious" before Fraction.

But these last couple are references to what came before, and others have mentioned the desire for a new wholesale identity.


"Red Rum?" Naw - might scare the newbies.

"Clan of the Last Homely House?" Derivative, but a friendly reference for newbies.

"Clan of the Tao of Joe?" Ohm! Ohm! Ohm my!

"Clan Lok 'n Load?" Too aggressive.

Random thought (yeah, like all the ones before this one...) "The Clan of Comfy Greaves."

What would comfort newbies more than the smell of fresh baked bread? The clan could be "The Baker's Dozen." Or "The Clan of Yeast Worries." (Beware! The Clan will rise again! - I like it!) The clan could meet in the bakery and not have to deal with random artak attacks in the course of doing business. Clan inductees could be called doughboys. I think I'm on to something...

Aerick Sep 21st 11:45 AM

I love it, keep going!
Tater Sep 21st 12:21 PM
These are tooooo funny, Corwin!

Please, keep 'em coming!

Kiriel Sep 21st 12:53 PM
Those are great suggestions Corwin. Personally I tend towards the RPG style names, but a fun name is just what we need to appeal to all types I think.

Along that vein, how about the Milk & Cookies Clan?

I also very much like the Clan of Infinite Possibilites
Kiriel Sep 21st 12:57 PM
Those are great suggestions Corwin. Personally I tend towards the RPG style names, but a fun name is just what we need to appeal to all types I think.

Along that vein, how about the Milk & Cookies Clan?

I also very much like the Clan of Infinite Possibilites
Corwin Sep 21st 7:24 PM
...and the motto, if the name is bakery-related, could be "We don't loaf around!"
Ender/Curun'ir Sep 21st 10:07 PM
Light of the Forest
Purple People Eaters

oh those are my only ones!
Tater Sep 22nd 6:13 AM
Wonder how the Fens would feel about a clan of People eaters :)

I kinda like the idea of being a Doh!Girl ;)

Nunul Sep 22nd 4:54 PM
Comfy Greaves...

It occurs to me that it would impact the psyche and cause people to remember the name if we had a silly name ...AND...were completely serious about the clan. I like the idea of, (to borrow a certain story's character), being like a Bilbo Baggins. Soft seeming on the outside, but tough as nails when it really counts.
And as I metioned earlier, having a "battle cry" of for instance "Rumblin', Stumblin', Bumblin'!!" would be fun and memorable. (Tater, I can't say enough about how much I love that cry!).

In closing, I would like to see a name picked that wouldn't be too serious and cause people to judge us on it alone. A fun name, and honorable action is what we will be known for.
Kiriel Sep 22nd 8:07 PM
More silly names that came up during a hunt earlier:

The Care Bears :)
The Raging Butterflies (this one really is growing on me)
Aerick Sep 23rd 12:42 PM
I'm kinda sketchy of having too whimsical a name.

Something that works at a humorous level, but also at a serious one would make me a lot more comfortable. The Comfy Greaves is an example of one that sounds goofy, but also has some relevence.
Corwin Sep 24th 2:07 PM
Some whimsy, but not too much whimsy. A challenge!

I like The Raging Butterflies.

A few more in that vein...

The Armored Slugs
The Friggin Spriggins
The Steely Starbucks
The Weird Wendeckas

(have you noticed that I'm on an alliteration kick?)


The Corsairs for you nautical types

Onastics (but that might bug some people)

Or combine the two The Ona Corsairs - Chigger me timbers!

The Swamp Leeches - yeah, I know...this name really sucks.

The Golden Maha, no! The Purring Maha!

OK - people seemed to like the bakery stuff - how about the brewery? Yeast references aside...(this could get pun-ishing)

Against the Grain?

Still Intentions?

Fermenting Revolt?

100 Proof?

The Clan of Winers? Wah!

Grape Intentions? Grape Expectations?

Hops, Skip, and Jump?

Clanners Anonymous? ("My name is Corwin, and I'm a Clan-a-holic." Chorus: "Hi, Corwin!")

Barrel of Laughs? (with apologies to Laughing Academy)

The Clan of Huge Jugs - hubba, hubba

Clan of the Endless Stein (of course, us Halflings would be pint-sized)

Clan of the Perfect Draft (founders could be called the Drafters)

Clan of the Publican League

Clan of Live, Naked Beer

Clan of The Barley Dressed (spelling intentional here...)

The Clan That Hops To It

um, um....

\action pants
\action recharges Punstone

Ender/Curun'ir Sep 24th 3:01 PM
good lord Corwin you are a roit!
Kiriel Sep 24th 9:32 PM
Another good prefix my hubby suggested is "Fellowship" which somewhat represents well the type of group we are.

Dawn of the Poenix

Solas Sep 22nd 2:48 AM
combing all the ideas into one lil clan name :D which i personally like.. hehe

*Solas is wearing the badge of the Dawn of the Poenix. or some such. hehe

/action twitches

Ruling out existing clan names

Kiriel Sep 20th 6:12 PM
Just to clean up some of the brainstorms, here are a list of terms we should be avoiding as they're already used by existing clans (of the ones people suggested):

Corwin Sep 21st 11:01 AM
I sUgGeSt ThAt AnYtHiNg WrItTeN lIKe ThIs ShOuLd Be ExClUdEd, ToO.

Drake Derivative

Aerick Sep 19th 8:09 AM
We may want to look into a name that has some (loose) tie-in to the Silver Drakes, since they precipitated this clan's formation. I can't really think of anything, unless we want to opt for the 'Mythiral Wyrms,' or some other direct similar name competition, which I think is not a great idea.
Kiriel Sep 19th 5:29 PM
My concern with that is that although we are now stemming from the Drakes, at some point we will be our own standalone clan, and I don't think we want to invite constant comparisons between the "Old" and "New" Drakes. So personally, I would prefer something entirely different.
Aerick Sep 19th 5:55 PM
OK, makes sense. Please discount this idea. Now we have infinite minus one possibilities. =)
Nunul Sep 20th 5:41 PM
As I stated before, I couldn't agree with you more Kiriel. It would be wise to start fresh with a new, unafiliated name.

More ideas...

Konoko Sep 20th 8:32 AM
Here are a few more. Mostly these are just mixing some possible names together and stuff. If we do some brain stormming and just just thinking of some names maybe we'll come across one people like.

Jade Spring
Jade Dragons
Jade Lions
Jade Phenix/Phoenix
Silver Steps
Jade Steps

I thought of the "step" ones as something like this. It would show that the clan would help those progress as a character from a newbie all the way to a more powerful character. Basically the clan helps exiles progress through life as a newbie all the way to master/mistress and then to lord/lady.

And then since these "steps" exist, an exile who isn't necessarily a newbie would fit right in. This exile would be at a higher "step" and not at the newbie step.

Aerick mentioned that stagnation was something the clan would have to be careful to avoid. Focusing on the newbies is great. But also don't forget about the other exiles in the clan. They may have been newbies at one point but through the help of the clan or because they joined at a later "step" in exile life, they are more powerful. The clan will help exiles become stronger and so the clan will need to be aware of this and have other things and areas of interest for these more powerful members of the clan. For example, things like dun'ilsar and maybe possibly 2 different regular clan hunts: one to help newbies in some area and one for the stronger members of the clan with tougher monsters.

I don't know if the "steps" name would be good for a clan. I thought of it last night as I was half asleep :)
It doesn't seem to have the "coolness" that a name needs...
But I think definitely, using this steps analogy sums up a number of the clan goals quite well. If anything, just say the clan will have various stages or steps of support for exiles of varying strengths and power so an exile should be able to grow with the clan.

I'm not sure what could be done at the higher levels - I'm not there yet :)
But dun'ilsar and different types of hunts or 2 different hunts would probably help...

So to sum up, the "steps" thing probably wouldn't be a good clan name, but it could be used when explaining the clan's goals.

Just a few ideas...


Something Phoenix?

Kiriel Sep 18th 6:55 PM
I think maybe it might be nice to have a clan name with the word Phoenix in it, since we are kind of rising from the ashes of the Silver Drake clan. I asked Solas and she doesn't mind if we use it (the clan she had temporarily joined used Phoenix in their name, but they only existed for 2 days).

Barring that, something which betrays the helpfulness of the clan, ala angels, kindly spirits, etc. might be kinda nice.
Aerick Sep 18th 7:08 PM
I have a concern with the word Phoenix, in that it is slightly over-used. I would prefer something original that will catch people's attention. Especially if there were another word for Phoenix, as the concept is a wonderful one.
Lilly Sep 19th 1:28 AM
The Order of the Phoenix is still likely to reform. If you want something thats unique, you may want to seek a different bird <giggles>
Kiriel Sep 19th 3:29 AM
Oh- Solas had indicated they weren't likely to reform. But still it's probably better to come up with something else. More suggestions?
Konoko Sep 19th 11:12 AM
Hello ex-drakes!

So Lai, have you left the Drakes as well as these others?

If you are trying to avoid the exact word phoenix, a variant of the word is phenix. The plural would be phenixes.

Here's a blurb from

"Phenix \Phe"nix\, n.; pl. Phenixes. [L. phoenix, Gr. foi^nix.] [Written also ph[oe]nix.] 1. (Gr. Myth.) A bird fabled to exist single, to be consumed by fire by its own act, and to rise again from its ashes. Hence, an emblem of immortality."

If one likes the idea of immortality, you could have something like the "Phenix Immortals". But that might be a little much...

There's nothing wring with using "Silver Phenixes" (or use the phoenix spelling)...

Or the Silver Immortals...

Just start brain-storming and post some ideas...

I haven't seen any posts by Tater or Farhope. Are they interested in this new clan?

I would really like to know who and how many will be in this new clan if I decide to join the exodus. But then if I leave the Drakes now, I'd play a part in the founding of this new clan...

You guys need a name! I'm getting tired of typing "new clan" all the time! :)

Tater Sep 19th 3:10 PM
Hiyas Konoko :)

I'm here, mostly in lurk mode. =) I am paying attention tho!

I don't yet know what it is I'll do as far as clans go. I'm still thinking on all the things that have happened. It's been quite the whirlwind!

Right now I'm inclined to just drift a little and make no commitments, but I may feel differently about that in the days ahead. :)

Anyway, if a new clan is formed before I make a decision, I'd be pleased if the founders would at least let me contribute a few coins to help get it started.

It's really nice to see notes from you again!

Farhope Sep 19th 3:40 PM
Sorry, but I am not very good in "creativeness".

So, really, I still don't have any idea for a name... but I think it is really important to have a good one, a name that I want to "yell" :-)

The idea of the phoenix is good, yes perhaps over-used...

hmm, something with the water, like a spring or...
or perhaps with the small trees... (and my vocabulary is not really rich :-)
Kiriel Sep 19th 6:04 PM
If we do want to stay in the vein of Phoenix, I did some poking around online and found Thunderbird, Roc, and Griffin were also considered to be alternatives to Phoenix.
Nunul Sep 19th 6:20 PM
Pheonix...thye only thing I can think as to a clan "rising from the ashes of the Drakes" is this...The Drakes are still a clan, i'd like to give more thought towards an original name.
Thornin Sep 19th 9:36 PM
I like the pheonix idea...(perhaps becasue i first suggested in my last minutes as a drake)I also like Konokos suggestions as an alternitive, and i think we should stick with somehting that keys to resurrection.
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