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2:10 pm on Fordi, day 28 of Summer, 637 Sun Times
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Archived Message Board Posts

Narrow Down over, time to vote

Kiriel Sep 27th 2:32 PM
At this point hopefully everyone's had a chance to post the names they'd like to see here. I have setup a voting section so please post your votes there.

Winds of the Dawn

Konoko Sep 25th 8:33 AM

You mentioned wanting one or 2 favourites. Currently, Winds of the Dawn is my favourite.

For more on the "Dawn" symbolism, please refer to my "Defenders of the Dawn" post under clan name. There are a whole bunch of meanings that are appropriate to the goals og this clan.

As for the "wind" symbolism, I hope Aerick posts here with a better explanation. He mentioned several things in at the pre-clan meeting we had on Sunday. One thing he mentioned was a number of rankages/names that can be given to the members based on the circle they are in:
1st - Breeze
2nd - Gust
3rd - Wind
4th - Gale

Also, a wind name based on what profession they are. Aerick mentioned Lunar Wind for healers and Zephyr for fighters. He said he though Zephyr meant violent wind.

I did some checking at, Zephyr is a "soft, gentle wind" so perhaps this would be good for healers.

Tempest is "An extensive current of wind, rushing with great velocity and violence, and commonly attended with rain, hail, or snow; a furious storm." Being a fighter, this sounds good to me!
The furious storm that is Konoko :)

For mystics we'll have to give it a little thought (maybe aura)?

So, what does everyone think? I like both the dawn and the wind symbolism...

I have this under "Defenders of the Dawn" so I guess discussion can go there as Kiriel suggests.

Aerick, can you post more of your wind theories here?

Aerick Sep 25th 8:41 AM
First off, I'm thinking of how the name will sound in our /info. 'Wearing a symbol of the Winds of the Dawn' seems to make that extra 'the' seem awkward. I think ' a symbol of the Winds of Dawn' runs better.
Konoko Sep 25th 10:08 AM
You're right. Winds of Dawn is better and much easier to say!
Nunul Sep 25th 3:58 PM
I'd like to add another to the "wind" idea...

"Rising Wind"
Kiriel Sep 25th 4:12 PM
I'd like Rising Wind except it's too much like Rising Claw :(

Corwin Sep 25th 7:22 PM
So, abbreviated, we'd be WOD.

Farhope Sep 26th 2:08 AM
My favorite

Warm Front

Nunul Sep 25th 4:17 PM
How i do love the weather names...8*)

The more severe the weather, the better!
Nunul Sep 25th 9:00 PM
By the by, "Warm Front" was coined by Corwin I believe

Defenders of the Dawn

Konoko Sep 25th 8:39 AM
This is my other favourite.

Someone mentioned they didn't like the "fighter-ness" of the word Defender. But as I see it, as a clan we would be defending the other exiles (newbies, etc) in the land from any dangers.
To guard. To protect. To defend.
Defenders of the Dawn.

Now here is some of the dawn symbolism that I posted in the clan name section. I will post it again here for clarity and to save everyone from having to go find it.

It works on a number of levels:
1. First it includes the idea of light that I believe Kiriel (or someone) had mentioned in an earlier post. Night can be seen as dark and cold and lonely. The dawn is the emergence of light and warmth and hence the support and togtherness that the clan would offer to one and all.

2. Second, night can be seen as the evil and dangers of the land while the dawn and the sun represent the good and safeness. Think of it this way: the same way the exiles do battle every day with the various monsters such as the orgas, darshaks, etc for control of Puddleby and area, every 24 hours the night and day battle for control. The dawn signals the success of the day (the sun) defeating the evils of the night to bring a bright new day to the world. Being defenders of this dawn would mean that the clan is fighting the evils of the land.

3. Dawn can be seen as the beginning of the day versus morning, afternoon, dusk, evening, night, etc. The dawn is the beginning of the day much in the same way that when an exile enters Puddleby, she/he is in the dawn (beginning) of her/his new life as an exile.

It works on so many levels!
I'm sure there are others too...

As the defenders/guards/protectors of this dawn, our clan would be protecting the town of puddleby and the whole island chain from the evils. We would be protecting those exiles in the dawn of their new life in pudddleby (newbies). And finally as a dawn, we would be offering light, support, guidance to the exiles in the land.

Nunul Sep 25th 3:55 PM
As a dorf who spent the majority of his adult life in the mountain caverns in darkness, I must disagree with your interpretaion of night as a time to be feared. Night has its proper place opposite day. But I do like using "Dawn, as a transition into daylight.
Konoko Sep 25th 6:10 PM
I know what you mean. Night is a great time for hunting! I don't fear night myself - heck I'm a cat! It's the perfect hunting time to get lots of skins!

I was referring I guess symbolically (or whatever) to night being the dark (evil) and day being the light (good). Basically I was just thinking of other ways "dawn" could be referenced...

The Raging Flutterbies

Kiriel Sep 24th 9:30 PM
This is one of my favorites (could also be The Raging Butterflies but I like the cutesy version better). I like the contradiction in terms- the peaceful butterflies racing in to the rescue, swords drawn :)

It doesn't exactly say anything about the theme of the clan (but neither did Silver Drakes) but I like it.
Nunul Sep 25th 4:00 PM

...makes me think of FlufferNutter.
(who by the way...IMHO would be a nice addition to the clan)
Nunul Sep 25th 4:01 PM

...makes me think of FlufferNutter.
(who by the way...IMHO would be a nice addition to the clan)

How This Works- Must Read!

Kiriel Sep 24th 9:28 PM
Ok- we need to narrow down the list of names at this point so we can have a real vote. I want everyone to pick one or two favorite names (either from the discussion on the other area or new ones if you like). Post a thread for that name (describing it if need be).

Then everyone should look at all the names posted here. If_and_only_if you do _not_ like the name enough to accept it as a name for the clan, please post that you don't want that name under that thread. If you just want to discuss the name, don't do it here- do it in the "Clan Name" area.

The idea behind this is that we should get a list of names that are objected to by nobody (or at least by very little). These we can put to a vote so we can decide the final name, but this will narrow the choices significantly.

If you are confused by this, you can ask questions under this thread.

I would like everyone to try to post their suggestions by Wednesday, and by Friday you should have marked any names you don't like. Then we can have a vote assuming this works for everyone.

Please nobody feel bad if someone does not like a name you suggest and don't be afraid to tell anyone if you don't like a name. We need to have something that will work for as many as possible, so everyone must say what they honestly think.

The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
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