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4:32 am on Soldi, day 81 of Winter, 638 Sun Times
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The Winds of Dawn hosted our first ever Newbielympics! All events took place between Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 27th, 2002. Thanks to all the folks who participated and volunteered and contributed prizes!

Who Was Eligible To Participate:

All official Newbielympics events were limited to folks below Lord/Lady level (around 550 ranks). Some parts of events were limited to below Master/Mistress level (around 200 ranks)- any events of this type were be labeled as such. Every exile who participated in an event qualified for a special drawing held at the closing ceremonies for additional prizes.

Newbielympics Events Were:

Event Description Coordinator Result
Newbielympics Opening Ceremonies There will be music, food, drinks and an overview of the events planned for the Newbielympics. Exiles of all levels welcome to come. Himitsu
Hide and Seek There will be 7 hiders who will go and hide somewhere in the farms or town area (underground is not included). Then all contestants will search for the hiders. The contestant who finds the most hiders wins (there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize). In the case of tie there will be multiple rounds of hiding and seeking until a clear winner is chosen. 1st prize - chain, 2nd prize - red healing potion, 3rd prize - fishing rod Kiriel D'Sol Our participants were Aravir, Calil, Dazzle, Oriole, and Opxe. 1st prize (a chain) went to Oriole. 2nd prize (a red healing potion) went to Calil. 3rd prize was a tie between Dazzle (got a gray cloak) and Opxe (got a fishing rod).
Push-a-thon Teams start out at NW beach (N of W town) and must quickly make one of their number fallen (no bitter berries allowed) and pushed to the safe snell. The teams are allowed to interfere with each other by pushing or pulling. The first team's fallen to cross the finish line wins. If there are more than two teams, there will be play-offs. Teams will be formed at the event. Himitsu The contestents were: girls team - Sensi, Catlin, Dazzle, boys team - Kenny, Sha'faerdan, Zorak. After a thrilling event, the boy's team won. Each guy won 500c and each girl won 150c.
Falling contest- There will be 2 categories for the contest: the new exiles (still not Mistress/Master) and those with Mistress/Master title. Every contestant will ("lock") share with Farhope (or with someone helping her but all with one person), she will say the name of a critter for the new exiles and another for the Mistress/Master. At this moment, the contestants have to rush to find this critter and to fall to it. First winning 10 points, 2nd winning 9 points, ..., 10th winning 1 point (in each category). Healers will go to heal everyone. Everyone meet her back in south town. Repeat 2-3-4-5, 2 more times with other critters. Exile with most points wins the contest in each category. Farhope Participants - Category "New exile" (category 1): Sensi, Ratboy, Poesy, Dazzle. Category "Mistress/Master (category 2): Sunoril, Zorak, Catlin, Oriole, Sha'faerdan, Murur. Results- Category 1: 1. Dazzle (29 points) choosed an orgaberry cluster, 2. Ratboy (27) choosed a red healing potion, 3. Poesy (24) choosed a beer bread, 4. Sensi (21) choosed a energy potion. Category 2: 1. Sunoril (26 points) choosed a chain, 2. Catlin (25) choosed a red healing potion, 3. Zorak (24) choosed a energy potion, 4. Sha'faerdan (21) choosed a glowing club, 5. Murur (19 in 2 rounds) choosed a cask of honey ale, 6. Oriole (7 in 1 round) can still choose between several item :-) ... he was not there for the end of the contest.
Treasure Hunt Each exile starts out in a different location (maybe east and west part of town) and then given a spot to go to with a clue. Once to the second spot, they are given another clue and so on until they reach the end. 1st prize - wooden shield, 2nd prize - purple shirt, 3rd prize - full bag of kudzu and some kind of glowing club Himitsu The participants for this were: Ratboy, Catlin, Koreila, Sensi, Laiy, Kyozetsu, Simkin, Zorak, Opxe. The winners were: #1: Laiy for a shield, #2: Catlin for a purple shirt, #3: Zorak for a Brilliant Club.
Trivia Contest Participants will receive points for every correct answer sunstoned to the judge. Questions will be in the format made popular in the Jeopardy game -- the answer phrased in the form of a question -- and will be explained fully before the game. All correct answers will score. Participants without sunstones should see the host a few minutes before the game in Bard's Field. There are several prizes: a Chain, an Axe, a Red Potion, and a Flickering Club have been donated, and there might be T-Shirts. Bob the Archer and Blaise The standings were: Aravir, Catlin, Seld'kar, Sunoril, Korelia, Poesy, Calil, Zorak, Wheatstone. Sabriel also participated but had to leave before it ended. There were prizes for everybody, including T-shirts for the first 5 places.
Indoor Push Ball Teams battle for victory (teams will be formed at the event). First team that gets a total of five scores wins. Renting the jersey is optional as other ways of identifying teams can be used. Himitsu Team 1 (blue): Catlin, Twilth, Citrene (replaced by Sognus), Calil. Team 2 (red): Poesy, Wheatstone, Aravir, Kudar F'leaf. Final score: red 3: blue 1. Winning prize: 350 each 1400 total. Losing prize: 100 each 400 total.
The Marathon Item Race Each participant must start inside the dragon-bone circle in north east field, find 3 items, return as quickly as possible and pull me. The items must be collected by the exile during the race and each participant needs to take a visionstone and submit it to the judges after finishing. Delirium The 5 participants who finished the race all received prizes. Standings: 1st - Gypsy (prize choosen: chain), 2nd - Ratboy (prize choosen: 400c), 3rd - Simkin (prize choosen: 300c), 4th - Sensi (prize choosen: Axe), 5th - Alatar (prize choosen: 200c)
Newbielympics Closing Ceremonies There will be music, food, drinks and an overview of the winners of the Newbielympics events and announcement of the winners of the Newbielympics drawing for all event participants. Exiles of all levels welcome. Himitsu Prize winners from the raffle were: Larimara - lilaberry, Sognus - wooden shield, Ratboy - axe, Catlin - red healing potion, Sabriel - gray pair of pants, Seld'kar - navy blue cloak, Aravir - gray cloak, Sha'faerdan - red jersey, Simkin - scarmis egg, Dazzle - glowing club, Kyozetsu - bright club, Murur - bag of zu, Opxe - potion of energy, Arciere - box of donuts, Bob the Archer - box of donuts, Poesy - box of donuts, Sunoril - box of donuts, Naal - box of donuts, Alatar - box of donuts, Laiy - box of donuts, Gypsy - beer bread, Zorak - beer bread
The Winds of Dawn is a clan in an online role-playing game called Clan Lord.
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