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Welcome to Algernon's scrolls !

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Scroll 4

In a boat, on the way to Dal'Noth.
This looks like the start of a fun adventure...

Fallen on the Dal'Noth beach.
... or maybe not.

Falling to a feral. Surrounded by dozens of vermines. Being licked by a frog.
Even the center of town isn't always the safest place.

Malkor threatening to be annoying until he's healed. Super Chicken holding J'nder's 'J'. Kahn St'ple asking for a raise.
On the other hand, it is usually entertaining.

Algernon and Vagile dressed as penguins.
Algernon is happily married to Vagile. Don't they make a cute couple?

Telling time to a 'Noth.
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of 'Noth shall stay Algernon from his appointed task.

Watching the Mystic Academy burn.
Not even a drake could do much when the Mystic Academy burned down.

Dressed as a gnome, surrounded by hooded corpses.
Fallen people were reincarnated as undines during the Feast of Tsrrin, but they still showed remarkable affection for Algernon.

Telling time as an undine.
After a long day of attacking people and dropping bits of flesh, there's nothing like a relaxing break with a few friends in the "zoo".

Bitten by rats in the brew pub.
The dangers of heavy drink.

Standing by the fence, watching Darshaks in the 'zoo'.
"I suppose you're all wondering why I've gathered you here today..."

Astor asks Algernon the time before greeting someone.
Algernon is always glad to help someone who's at a loss for words.

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