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Welcome to Algernon's scrolls !

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Scroll 1

Algernon, under his former name Idiot Savant, has been taken to court several times. In these transcripts, I have edited out most of the share- and coin-bombing people like to give Idiot Savant while he's on trial, but absolutely nothing else has been changed.
  • Day 69 of Spring 533: MerIin v Idiot Savant, accused of being a robot. Verdict: innocent.
  • Day 76 of Spring 533: Heat v Idiot Savant, accused of being an idiot. Verdict: frivolous. Heat sentenced to 50 minutes in jail and fined 166 coins.
  • Day 77 of Spring 533: TheRanger v Idiot Savant, accused of mimicking handicapped persons. Verdict: frivolous. TheRanger sentenced to 55 minutes in jail and fined 166 coins.
  • Day 83 of Spring 533: Mr Hippo v Idiot Savant, accused of being a healer and not healing. Verdict: frivolous. Mr Hippo sentenced to 6 minutes in jail.
  • Day 12 of Summer 533: Gaiaa v Idiot Savant, accused of being a public nuisance. Verdict: frivolous. Gaiaa sentenced to 54 minutes in jail and fined 166 coins.
Chatting with Death.
Idiot Savant stares Death in the face, and defiantly tells him the time. Hey, even personifications need to know when to take their lunch breaks.

Kidnapped yet again.
For a while, "kidnapping" Idiot Savant and demanding a ransom for his safe return was all the rage. One day he was dragged off by four completely separate groups! This time the villains took him to the Body/Spirit hut in the south farms. Names have been removed to protect the... guilty.

Visiting the Crazy Hermit.
Several of Idiot Savant's friends were kind enough to take him on an adventure to the marsh to buy a yellowish shirt. On the way back to town, he stopped in to visit his father, the Crazy Hermit.

Collapsed on a bed in the Inn.
If you can't heal him when he's fallen, at least make sure he's comfortable, right?

Watching Shadowmutt wag his tail.
Apparently Idiot Savant doesn't resent Shadowmutt for having given him fleas.

Meeting a man in the Inn.
I guess someone convinced Idiot Savant he'd need a nice, juicy scandal if he ever wanted a shot at the Mayor's office...

Mind Master says, 'Idiot Savant, your mind is stronger than mine.'
Mind Master just isn't what he used to be.

MerIin holds up 100 fingers.
Yes, Idiot Savant can count fingers now, thanks to Mind training and the diligent teaching of several exiles, but this would bewilder just about anybody.

He can count toes, too.
He can count toes, too. Looks like Pacifist Thoom could use a new pair of shoes.

Chum says, 'Idiot just rescued me from OC ;)'.
Always happy to help.

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