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Welcome to Algernon's scrolls !

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Scroll 3

Bones gives Algernon some flowers.
Strangely, ever since I discovered Algernon's name, he's shown a real fondness for flowers.

Telling the time in ships' bells.
Algernon was invited to join the Puddleby Navy, as the official Naval Bell Keeper. And he didn't even have to pay.

Watching a Lesser Zonk in the 'zoo'.
Algernon might be a little out of his depth as zookeeper here. This Lesser Zonk toasted everyone in town with fireballs a few times, then laughed evilly and disappeared.

'At least Algernon's smart enough not to step in dung,' says Diotima.
... even if he isn't quite as clever as a kudzu plant.

Renting a boat with two 'friends'.
Boat trips can be fun. There are nicer destinations than the Arena and the Darshak horde, though.

Smiling shyly at the Darshak horde.
Algernon is always happy to make new friends.

Signing up to try for a mounted rat.
It's a nice thought, but if he won the trophy, his pet hamster Amster might be jealous.

Playing bones in the pub.
There's more than one way to scam a halfling.

'Stupit halfling,' says someone.
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool..."

Guarding the altar from Bartok.
When orgas were trying to damage the town altar, Algernon pitched in to guard it.

Being dragged through the forest by a Berserk. Munched by rats in OC2, next to a piece of the altar.
The orgas not only stole the altar and broke it, one of them dragged Algernon off to OC2, then left him there for the rats.

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