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Welcome to Algernon's scrolls !

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Algernon's Return to Puddleby (Scroll 2)

Behind the fence with the bones of a Revour.
Those bones are the body of a Revour, a powerful undine seen during the Ripture War. Idiot Savant -- now called Algernon -- must be stronger than he looks!

Idiot Savant mumbles something about Bellafae and the darkness, and giggles.
Every cloud has a silver lining, even the fall of Puddleby that sent everyone to the Adytum.

Idiot Savant rides a Drake in Perdition. Malkor dangles from the Drake's mouth as Idiot Savant looks on.
A fun ride on a Drake in Perdition turns to tragedy as Malkor moves a little too close to its hungry mouth. No wonder Idiot Savant was traumatized by the war.

Idiot Savant looks happy to be by a fence, in Perdition.
It's not the right fence, but it's better than nothing.

The Ripture War ended at 11:28 pm on Gradi, Day 32 of Summer.
Always at his job, even right after the earthquake in Adytum that heralded the end of the Ripture War.

Algernon and I, Keeper, in the center of town.
Once Algernon had recovered a bit from his traumatic experiences in the war, I brought him back to town, hoping that his friends there would help him readjust.

Algernon visits Bucarus.
One of the first things we did in town was to get Algernon a new moonstone, with the help of Tuan and ToriAnn. I'm not sure Algernon is quite what Bucarus has in mind for a Healer, though.

Trauma takes Algernon to visit his father, Crazy Hermit of the Marsh.
One of the things that helped Algernon the most was a trip to visit his adoptive father, Crazy Hermit, to see that he survived the tear that opened in his area of the marsh.

Algernon knows the season... then whether it's early or late in the season... then the day... then whether it's early or late in the day.
As Algernon grew more comfortable in town, his ability to tell the time slowly returned.

Algernon's zoos: Orga Anger, Bolok Cougar, Darshak, Orga Warrior, and Maha Ruknee... Bolok Cougar, two Maha Ruknees, and Artak Cougar... Tree Giant, Maha Ruknee, Orga Berserk, and Giant Vermine. Three Orga Berserks, four Vermine, Orga Rage, and Giant Crawler...
One of Algernon's most appreciated roles is that of zookeeper. He collects quite an assortment of animals, parked in the pen while people wait for enough strong fighters to come along and kill them. Looking at that fourth zoo, Notelrac commented, "We could have taken them, but not with that vermine in there. That makes the job just tooo tough."

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