Proposal for Clan Reorganization

Goals of the Clan Reorganization

The clan reorganization proposal is an aim to improve the Silver Drakes clan in terms of member enjoyment and effectiveness through the following means:

Clan Leadership

Drake Officers

The following Silver Drake offices would be created:


If an office is occupied and a member is interested in that role, the member might want to approach the officer to see if they can assist as an apprentice. Officers can take volunteers into apprentice roles as appropriate. Additionally, if there is too much for one person to do as an officer, they are welcome to solicit help from apprentices.

Drake Approval Board

The Drake Approval Board consists of 4 members, preferably ones who joined at different time periods in the clan history. They are mainly responsible for overseeing the smooth working of the clan by providing a balance to the officers responsibilities- approving choices of officers and removals if necessary.

Alternative to Approval Board

If there are enough concerns about having a representative body responsible for dealing with choosing officers and overriding decisions, the proposal could be modified to have full clan votes for these tasks instead. This would require more effort on the part of the clan, but some may prefer it to being represented by the approval board. If you would prefer this method, please voice your feelings when sending your comments.

Clan Founders

The clan founders are appreciated for all the work they've done for the clan, and their advice and guideance should always be respected. It is hoped that founders who wish to be involved in the day to day running of the clan should attempt to fill a position which appeals to them, but if they chose not to, they will still always be respected members of the clan and hopefully will make their voices heard in discussing clan decisions.

How Leader Offices Are Filled/Changed


Any time an office is empty, the approval board should notify the clan and take requests from members to be responsible for that office. They then notify the clan of the candidates and give members a 72 hour comment period to voice their preferences for the office. The approval board then discusses the options and makes a choice for the office. That decision must be unanimous.

In cases in which members believe that an officer is not doing their job well, they should speak to that officer privately. It is hoped that in most cases if an officer is having trouble doing their job effectively, they will step down politely and allow someone else to take on that role, at least temporarily. If the officer has been spoken to and is still not doing their job effectively, if 10% (currently 3) of the members request it, the Drake Approval Board should review that officer's position, have the standard 72 hour comment period, and decide whether to open the office to somebody new.

Approval Board

Any time an approval board spot is empty, the clan secretary will organize a vote by the officers on filling that spot. Members interested in taking that approval board position should notify the secretary, then there will be a 72 hour comment period. Then the clan officers will vote (the secretary will collect the votes). A majority of the officers must vote in favor for an approval board member to be approved.

In cases in which members believe that an approval board member is not doing their job well, they should speak to that approval board member privately. It is hoped that in most cases if an approval board member is having trouble representing the clan members effectively on the board, they will step down politely and allow someone else to take on that role, at least temporarily. 10% of the clan asking the secretary to call for a re vote will lead to a vote whether an approval board member should stay in their position. A majority of the officers must vote in favor of removal in order to remove an approval board member from their role.

Office Restrictions

An officer may not hold an approval board position or vice versa. Anyone may act as an apprentice and may be apprentice for multiple offices (this could potentially create conflict of interest, but probably the benefits outweigh the dangers).

Comment Period

A 72 hour comment period should be utilized for any decision which requires member input. Some examples include changes to policy, new members, or changes in meeting times. The comment period should be initiated via a mailing list announcement to all clan members, but then comments themselves regarding the topic should either be sent via enchanted mail to the appropriate officer (or approval board for those comment periods they initiate) or should be posted on the >clan forum if the comment seems appropriate to be discussed publically.

For discussions which do not require a comment period, an officer may still call one if they would like further input from the clan, but it is not required.

The purpose of the comment period is to provide appropriate member input and bring up any concerns before important decisions are made. The decision maker is not obligated to follow the majority of the comments in making their decision, but they should take those comments into account and choose wisely.


Decisions will be made by the officer responsible for what's being decided. They should first open the decision up to a 72 hour comment period unless it is a minor decision (for instance, clan hunts do not require a comment period, but changes to policy, clan meeting times, or new members do). If the decision area affects multiple offices, they should work together on making a decision.

If you do not agree with the decision an officer has made and consider it important and can't work it out with the officer, notify the approval board. If the approval board gets 10% of the clan members (currently 3) complaining about a decision, they should open another comment period and decide whether the decision should be overridden (and if it is a big enough issue, whether the officer should be replaced).

Extended Absences

If officers or approval board members expect to be absent for extended periods of time (2 weeks or longer), they should either arrange for someone to temporarily take over official responsibility for their office or abdicate their office so it can be refilled. If there is an apprentice for their office that may be a good choice as a temporary fill in.

If an officer is unable to be available for something important to their office (i.e. if the clan hunts officer can't be at a clan hunt, or the secretary can't be at a clan meeting), they should arrange for someone to take their place at the event and fulfill the responsibilities they normally have.

Comments on the Proposal

This proposal is a work in progress. Please help us make it as good as possible, and if you have concerns, help us improve it. Comments on the proposal should be sent to Kiriel D'Sol and Aerick if you would like them to be private, or posted to the clan forum if you'd like them to be discussed publically.